Depressed Cake Shop

This time last year, during what we now call "The Buzzfeed Era" we were picked up by a bunch of international press outlets; Wear Your Label (and our lives!) changed overnight. We went from a couple orders a day, to 600 back orders overnight - it was a total whirlwind (and still is!). But the best part of it all wasn't the sales or new followers - it was the connections we made. One in particular has grown to be a really meaningful partnership:

Depressed Cake Shop

Lead by co-creator, Valerie Van Galder, Depressed Cake Shop is a collective pop-up of bakers (and change makers) raising money and awareness for mental health with grey-themed cakes + more. They've popped up at cities around the globe and have raised over $100,000 for mental health charities. 

Valerie reached out to us last May, and our first collaboration finally came to life a year later!

"Where there is cake, there is hope; and there is always cake."

We designed an exclusive Depressed Cake Shop by Wear Your Label tee for Mental Health Month (May!). The inspiration came from the famous cakes DCS is known for: a grey cake that, when you cut into it, a rainbow filling is revealed. We chose a super comfy grey tee with rainbow heathered speckles for a "rainbow sprinkles" effect. Each tee also includes our self-care hem tags with little reminders to take of yourself throughout the day.

The tee was launched at a collab pop-up shop in Santa Monica with process benefiting the St. Joseph Centre.

The St Joseph Centre does some incredible work with individuals experiencing homelessness and mental health challenges (the two often go hand in hand). Our team was excited to attend their annual fundraising gala, and Kyle and I were honoured to speak about Wear Your Label - how just two years ago, we were both struggling with mental illness, and through Wear Your Label have been able to turn those struggles into something positive and impactful.

The Depressed Cake Shop raised $5,000 - plus a matching $5,000 donation - for St Joseph! The Centre also raised a whopping $590,000 at the evening gala!


Want to show your support?

You can get involved with Depressed Cake Shop by applying to host a pop-up in your city, or visiting one of their upcoming events.

You can also buy one our limited edition Depressed Cake Shop tees here. All profits from these tees will support the Depressed Cake Shop's mission to end the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Stay tuned for more with Depressed Cake Shop!


- K&K


Photos by Kelsey Schroeder 


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