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Fredericton... We're in Robert Simmonds!

Posted by Kelsey Schroeder on

Last weekend, we launched our first Fredericton retail partnership with Robert Simmonds! We're so excited to finally have a physical presence in our hometown. The Robert Simmonds team has been so supportive of Wear Your Label, helping us through growing pains, and now carrying the new Summer Line. 



WYL: Tell us a bit about the boutique?

RS: Robert Simmonds clothing was founded in 1998 on 2 simple ideals: Fashion is the culmination of style and quality and service should always be the most important attribute of any industry.
We opened our flagship store in Fredericton, NB in 1998 as a men's suit shop with a thousand square feet. Within 10 years we expanded to over five thousand square feet and now also offer women's and urban wear. Our store motto is “an excellent experience every time”, and this is truly what we strive for and pride ourselves in here at Robert Simmonds.
WYL: Why do you believe mental health awareness is important to you/ your company?
RS: Mental health awareness is important to Robert Simmonds for many reasons. Several of the members on staff have had personal struggles with mental health or have had people close to them. So, in a very real way, the staff and owners of Robert Simmonds understand the difficulties surrounding mental health and the importance of awareness, acceptance and love.
WYL: What attracted you to Wear Your Label and why is Wear Your Label a good fit for your boutique?
RS: We were attracted to Wear Your Label for a couple different reasons. First, the owner of Robert Simmonds, Paul Simmonds, had mentored Kyle MacNevin for many years prior to the birth of Wear Your Label. Secondly, we are always looking to support local talent and entrepreneurs so we jumped at the chance to support a company so close to home. And most of all, we were attracted to Wear Your Label because of its fantastic message to end the stigma surrounding mental health and spread love and understanding to the community and beyond.
WYL: What makes your store a good environment for shoppers struggling with mental health challenges?
RS: Here at Robert Simmonds, we endeavour to provide a welcoming environment to everyone that walks through the door. We don’t believe that you can judge a book by its cover, or that we have a right to judge at all. We do our absolute best to greet and serve every customer with kindness and patience.

WYL: What excites you most about your company’s future with Wear Your Label?
RS: We are excited to partner with Wear Your Label and help spread their message of love and acceptance to the Fredericton area. We also look forward to seeing what they do next and how we can help them achieve their vision for mental health awareness.

WYL: What is your favourite Wear Your Label piece/which piece are you most excited about featuring in your boutique?
RS: The staff has fallen in love with The Bracelet Project and so have many of our customers. These bracelets are not only beautiful and locally made in Prince Edward Island, but each one represents a different mental health struggle. Wearing one of these bracelets just reminds the wearer that no one is alone in their struggle with mental health, and, by wearing these bracelets, we are helping create a community of support for those affected by mental health.



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