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"Beauty is Not Skin Deep"

Posted by Kayley Reed on

"Beauty is Not Skin Deep"
Atlantic Fashion Week 14, Runway Collection

When we first found out we were accepted to show at Atlantic Fashion Week we knew we had to design a statement piece to open our line...Little did we know, we'd also be opening the entire week!

Everything we do at Wear Your Label is a little bit different than other designers; we're a conscious brand that makes a point of creating conversations. So the idea for this piece was to say something big about the industry, and why we want to be a part of it. And of course, our model Ashley Shaw absolutely killed it!

When you picture the fashion industry in your head, what comes to mind? Runways, luxury brands, and supermodels may be among your vision. The "Faces" print features pop/digital images of celebrity and model faces layered over and over again. The black and white pattern is a modern representation of what the industry tends to showcase; the same standard of "beauty" that is highly superficial, manufactured, and photoshopped. 

Well here's what we think about that: beauty is not skin deepAnd so the name of this piece was born. In a raw reaction to this standard that promotes eating disorders, and provokes low self-esteem, we marked a red X to announce that, we're over it. Let beauty be real people, let beauty be natural, let beauty be untouched. 

- Kayley, @wanderrluust

PS. Did you know our look book models are never photoshopped? Gotta walk the talk!


  • Hey Anon,

    Thank-you for the feedback! We definitely don’t want to exclude anyone in our designs, as we know that mental illness does not discriminate between body type either. You’re right: we haven’t portrayed many plus sized women on our website. That’s something we want to change in the future: representing more people who are affected! But just so you can get an idea of why there’s been a small lack up ‘til now: 1) There have been little-to-no plus sized women audition for our casting calls, perhaps because of the modelling stigma, but we always mention that there are no size requirements for our models. 2) We don’t specialize in plus-size clothing, but we do try to offer as much sizing as we can (currently ranging from XS-XXL!). It’s also always a bit of a controversial thing to determine what “plus size” really means, and if it’s a negatively-implied concept, how do we represent different sizes in a more positive, all-encompassing way?

    We would love to see more women and men of all sizes and ethnicities audition for our casting calls, or approach us with their ideas of how we can improve our brand! Remember, we are still a small business and can’t take on the whole world at once, but we are starting with small steps, and would love to expand to more sizes as we grow!


    Kayley Reed
    Wear Your Label

    Wear Your Label on

  • To go along with this body positive image I think you seek some representation from men and women of all shapes and sizes. There has been little to no representation by plus sized/curvy women in your label yet and I think that some curvier women can speak to a different side of the eating disorder spectrum and even to every other mental health stigma that exists. Please consider designing and promoting clothes that are friendly for all body types!

    Anonymous on

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