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1000 in 2014

Posted by Kayley Reed on

While packaging up Boxing Day orders, and sewing on labels for new inventory we came across a dilemma: We ran out of "How to Take Care of Yourself" tags. 

Okay, so usually this would be a really bad thing. For any entrepreneur to forget something so simple as ordering more tags in time for the new year...well, let's just say we're kicking ourselves for forgetting about that. But what actually ran through our minds at this realization? We've made 1000 garments

Way back in the summer when we conceptualized the tag idea, we ordered 1000 thinking they'd last us a good while (and hoping we'd still be doing what we're doing in time to use them all up). That time crept up sooner than we could have hoped, and we're pretty ecstatic. For two young people with mental illness, and a combined passion to change the way we think about it, it's been a real dream come true to see so many people support our cause. In just the past few months, we've seen our dedication to the brand reflected in so many rewarding scenarios (like growing a Facebook following of nearly 2500, or spotting strangers wearing our clothes in the mall). When you're immersed in something everyday, it can be easy to let the little milestones slip away in the hustle. But 1000 is a pretty big number, and something worth celebrating (even if just with a blog post). 

As we look to 2015, we've got some more news we'll be updating you with (like measuring the impact of our give-back for the year, and introducing new Community Champions!). Of course, with every milestone comes an opportunity to reflect & improve. So we'll be looking back at our initial tag design and trying to make it more personal, comforting, and effective than ever. So we want your input: What kind of things do you do to take care of yourself? Is there something you'd love to see on our tags that would make your day, every day? Comment below or message us on Facebook & we might incorporate it! 

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  • I don’t know what I would say insofar as what I do to take care of myself, but I do know that on bad days (well, any day really but on bad days especially) it might be nice to see something as simple as “You Matter.”

    Shona Rees on

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