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Expanding our team: why we need to & how you can help

Posted by Kayley Reed on

When we started Wear Your Label, it was a side project in university trying to raise awareness about mental health...that grew to a full-time summer job.... and now a real social enterprise shipping out orders all over the world every week!

It's been a whirlwind of a time, but now we're asking for your help. You see, it's still just the two of us. From design to screen printing, marketing & sales, packaging and distribution... (the list goes on) and we're a little overwhelmed. Being an entrepreneur is no walk in the park. Especially when you're still working on recovery, daily. 

So we recently entered a business competition for $10Gs. YES, TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. If we win: 

1. We'll use the money to hire our first part-time employee. You know all those underemployed, arts grads who are probably super talented but move to a big city because there's nothing here? We want to be the reason they stay. 

2. Wear Your Label becomes more efficient. Because 3 people can just get more done than 2 people can (*math). 

3. We get to focus more on building our business, rather than working in it. Which means our efforts and thoughts switch from everyday tasks, to the bigger picture: How can we create more conversations, raise more awareness, and make a bigger social impact with our clothing?

Here's where you come in: the top five businesses will be chosen based on votes (ah, the age of social power!). So here's the link to vote (or click the button below), search Wear Your Label & vote your heart out! Winning this would be a huge step for us towards growth, so massive thanks in advance <3


- K&K, @wearyourlabel

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  • Hi Kayley,

    Just purchased athe Struggle vs. Strength T for myself to wear with pride am especially during our event at NorQuest College! I also just voted for WYL via the ADP grant link.

    Have a great weekend!


    Rhonda Galley on

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