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Countdown to Jack Summit

Posted by Kayley Reed on

5 days left til Jack Summit - "Canada's only national student-led mental health innovation summit" aka a couple days with student leaders from across the country brainstorming about breaking the stigma. To countdown, here's 5 fun facts / reasons we're excited to go back this year! 

5. Last year our co-founders Kayley and Kyle were facilitators for Unleash the Noise! (now, Jack Summit). 

4. Unleash the Noise! was the first time we ever pitched the idea of Wear Your Label (which started out as simply putting mental health labels on clothing - good thing we've grown, eh?). 

3. We met some pretty amazing people at last year's summit from all across the country... and now some of them are our Community Champions! 

2. Wear Your Label did the shirts for this year's Jack Summit!!! Each including our new self-care garment tags. 

1. We've also been asked to go back as speakers this year! We'll be sharing our experiences starting Wear Your Label, some challenges we've overcome, and how we use fashion to break the stigma surrounding mental health. 

It's a pretty surreal feeling to look back to just a year ago and see how far we've come. Can't wait to meet everyone at this year's summit, share stories, and be inspired all over!


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