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Toronto Adventures: 3 Highlights & Takeaways

Posted by Kayley Reed on

Toronto. Men's Fashion Week. Jack Summit. Whoa.

If you're friends with us on snapchat or twitter, you would have seen us adding tons of updates last week while we ventured to Toronto. It was a really special week, with lots of learning, new friends, and new opportunities. Here's the top 5 highlights from our adventures (in the order they happened): 


The event? Held in the Trump Tower Penthouse (the $9 million view wasn't as good as you'd think). The panelists? General manager of Burberry's Canadian flagship, founder of Moose Knuckles, a personal fashion stylist, fashion editor for GQ Brazil....all moderated by the co-chair of the FGI Toronto. You know, basically a room full of industry superstars. 

The takeaway? Always have your elevator pitch ready. We literally pitched Wear Your Label in an elevator ride from the penthouse with one of the panelists. 

2) Toronto Men's Fashion Week: 

The designers? Risk-takers and boundary pushers (like Worth by David C. Wigley because why not make cropped fur sweaters for men?). The atmosphere? Crowded, dark, loud, and full of hustle. The feels? Humbled, inspired, and a little freaked out. 

The takeaway? The big city is fun, but you're also a small fish in a big pond. Sometimes it's better to be a big fish in a small pond.

3) Jack Summit

The event? Canada's only national student-led mental health innovation summit. The people? 200 young leaders (plus 500 via Satellite Summits!). The experience? Sharing the story of Wear Your Label, from just an idea at last year's summit (when we were facilitators), to a growing social enterprise selling internationally. (Also being in a room with 200+ people wearing shirts with the WYL tag was a pretty surreal feeling!)

The takeaway? Never underestimate the power of bringing together passionate young people united over a cause. 


to everyone who welcomed us, hosted us, shared stories/ created conversations / ideas with us, and inspired us with your passions. We've returned to NB with new outlooks, new motivations, and new desires to keep doing what we do. 

PS. We could probably share a thousand stories about Jack Summit, so if you missed the recap video it does a great job of showing the energy that we experienced by being there: 



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