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Everybody has a story.

Posted by Kayley Reed on

Everybody has a story.

Some are on Chapter 20, some are on page 2.

Maybe you've experienced a mental illness first-hand. Maybe you're working on recovery. Maybe you're a brother/sister/mother/best-friend/partner of someone who is struggling. 

You might not be ready to wear your label.  And that's okay.

You might not feel that it's your place, or that you can relate. That's okay too. 

We're all at different pages in our journey. Some of us are ready to stand up on that soap box and advocate for a world without stigma. Some of us are trying to work up the courage to start that first conversation with a loved one. (If you're looking for a sign, this is it.)

While many of our designs are bold conversation starters - our new Classic Summer Baseball Tee is a more subtle style, inspired by the 5 in 5 (while 1 in 5 have mental illness, 5 in 5 have mental health). It's something anyone can wear, no matter what your struggles, or where you're at.  

So even if you're not ready to share your story, or you don't think it's as important as someone else's.... Think again. You're in good company. 

- K&K, @wearyourlabel


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  • Would love to be a role model where do I sign up and tell my story

    Kimberly Thompson on

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