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We Are One.

Posted by Kayley Reed on

Wear Your Label is officially one! What a year. We're still babies in the grand scheme of things, but it's amazing to look back at how much we've grown & everything that's happened in just 12 months since this "idea" became a brand. From opening Atlantic Fashion Week, to being accepted as Youth Council members for ACCESS Canada,  to speaking at Jack Summit and Youth Day, to being featured on international news outlets and having our biggest problem be "how are we going to fill all these orders"



If anything's for certain, it's that we are not in this alone. And we couldn't do what we do, or be where we are without the support of thousands (not just here in Canada, but all over the globe). Wear Your Label started as an idea, born out of our frustrations with stigma and passion for change. You are what brings this movement to life. No one person can fight the stigma alone, no one person can change the world. But together? No one can stop us.


Thank-you for having hope, for sharing your stories, for creating conversations, for being advocates against stigma, and for wearing your label. This is just the beginning. We're just getting started. And we're in it together. We are one. 


- K&K
Wear Your Label

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  • Hey how much would postage be to New Zealand? Would love to get some of your products!!!

    Hannah on

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