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5 Things You Need to Know About the Fall Line

Posted by Kayley Reed on

5 Things You Need to Know About the Fall Line

1. It's the first line we've ever had fully produced in a professional facility. That's right - prior to this, every single piece was printed and tagged in-house by our co-founders, Kayley and Kyle, and the help of two super passionate interns. This spring, when we were picked up by international press outlets (we call it "The Buzzfeed Era") we received hundreds of back-orders and realized it wasn't sustainable to do this all ourselves. So we spent the summer sourcing manufacturers in North America and this line is the first result of those new relationships!

2. We're moving towards higher design, and focusing more on style. After The Buzzfeed Era, when Kyle and I finally had a chance to breathe again, we took a step back and realized: we weren't wearing our own clothing. Partly, because we were literally sold out of everything, all the time. But also because we didn't love the styles that we were designing - we loved the message, and the brand. So made a bold move to shift our design focus from "cutesy" to simple and minimal; slouchy, comfier cuts, neutral colors that go with anything, and bold wording as the ultimate focus. Basically, to design things that we would personally want to wear every single day. That's what this line is.

3. But we're not forgetting about the little details - in fact, there's more. Things like our tags: which not only tell you how to wash and take care of your garment, but how to take care of yourself as well. The little details have become engrained in our brand, and really push our mental health message forward. We knew we had to not only keep these aspects, but build & improve upon them. So: our new garments now also included printed size tags on the inside of your shirt, that share the reminder: PS. This size does not define you. 

4. Big collaborations, means a bigger impact. Again, after The Buzzfeed Era, we were super fortunate to have connected with dozens of mental health organizations and like-minded brands wanting to end the stigma. Some of these collaborations began coming to fruition over the summer, like our partnership with Project 375 - a non-profit founded by New York Jets Wide Receiver, Brandon Marshall. Our Fall Collection also has two collaborative pieces with LISTEN: The Movie, and Project UROK. We've always believed that by working together towards similar goals, we will have a much bigger impact than if we were to independently try to achieve the same things: ending the stigma is a goal of each of our partners, and together, we're that much closer. 

5. Role Models make our brand, so we're engraining their stories into our new line. Casting Role Models instead of traditional fashion models has been really important to us this year. We've shared dozens of stories from individuals personally affected by mental illness, and those of supporters and advocates. Instead of just showcasing these on our blog, we're now engraining these stories into every new product we put out. You'll see on our store that the new product descriptions not only share product info, but info on the Role Model wearing the piece - with a link to their story embedded right there for you to be inspired. 


- K&K

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  • I’m blown away by what your company represents Its about time we all get educated on mental health —recognizing the illness, seeking medical help , speaking about it without shame or embarrassment . I live in Toronto so I will be checking out your line at Joe Fresh. I wish you both much success in your new venture. Remember " mental health is a illness not a weakness"

    Best regards, Gina

    Gina on

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