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A *Fresh* Start: WYL x Joe Fresh Centre

Posted by Kayley Reed on

Happy #tbt! This post was in the vault, unpublished and we're releasing it today as a small throwback to the beginning of October, being accepted to the Joe Fresh Centre for Innovation, and moving half our team (aka Kyle) to Toronto for a *fresh* start.

So what's the Joe Fresh Centre all about? Basically, we've been chosen as 1 of 6 companies to receive mentorship from the Joe Fresh team over the next 18 months.  You can read the official Joe Fresh Press Release here


The #WYLFamily - co-founder & CEO Kayley (left), co-founder & Chief Stigma Officer Kyle (middle) and Role Model Sarah Fisher (right)


Notes from our Co-Founder & Chief Stigma Officer, Kyle: 

Hello friends!

Today, is a very big milestone for our company as we begin our relationship at the Joe Fresh Innovation Centre. Fredericton, New Brunswick has always been my home, leaving was a very difficult decision for me for both my personal connection to the province, and professionally.

It is often very hard to go from a big fish in a small pound to a little fish in a big pond. My anxiety and mental health have impeded my ability to move in the past, so this move is really terrifying. People often try and comfort me by saying;

"Well Kyle, it’s the good kind of stress, you can do it"

There is no good or bad forms of stress, just anxiety. I’m anxious all the time it doesn’t matter if things are going well or catastrophically terrible, I’m am still going to be living and coping with my mental illness.

Moving forward (literally) I am leaving my partner-in-crime Kayley to take the lead in Toronto and cultivate new relationships that will help our company grow. Well,

"what does this mean for WYL?"

Nothing has changed, we are still keeping a home base in Fredericton and working hard to get orders out, respond to your inquiries and improve everything we do. But now, we have an opportunity to grow in Toronto and make a bigger impact.

And, even if I fall on my face, i’m still moving forward.




  • Congrats Kyle on making such a leap of faith!
    Your anxiety struggle is my anxiety struggle – even when things are going well I am anxious. And your post even if a #tbt couldn’t be more perfect timing. I just spoke with my therapist yesterday and a friend today about how things in life are going better than they ever have yet I’m still anxious just a little less than usual. I don’t wish this feeling on you,nor anyone else, but it’s nice to know I’m not alone.
    Good luck in Toronto! You’re doing GREAT things!

    Cara on

  • Change is scary – I hate it but at some point iit happens and it helps us to grow stronger and learn more things about ourselves and the world around us. How about a welcome to Toronto party? You’ll get to meet lots of people, we’ll get to meet you and continue to spread awareness about mental health and break the stigma? Thoughts? I come from a history of event planning :)

    lana on

  • Welcome to Toronto Kyle, it is a big place and I myself have never felt fully comfortable here since moving from Montreal in 85, but keep your chin up, keep busy and I am sure you will meet many people to help you and for you to help too along the way. Good luck and best wishes.

    Susan Sauve on

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