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Our Favorite Moments and Milestones of 2015

Posted by Kayley Reed on

It's amazing to look back at 2015 and take in everything that's happened. Just a year ago we were celebrating our first handful of international orders; this year we shipped over 65% of our orders to 28 countries. A lot of things have changed, but our mission remains the same: to create conversations and visibility around mental health. And as our brand and the #WYLfamily grows, the more we're able to do just that. 

So here's a look back at our favorite moments and milestones of 2015: 

1. Speaking to thousands of students about mental health and our journey.

From the Jack Summit to We Day, to schools across the US & Canada - creating conversations and leaving the ball in your court. 

 We Day Atlantic


2. Making international headlines. 

From Buzzfeed to Today.com and People - we still don't really know how this happened (apart from A LOT of hard work and good timing). But this changed the life of our brand, and we're forever grateful. Our message was shared overnight to hundreds of thousands of people around the world, and the WYL community grew to a global movement. 

 3. Showing our new 2016 line at New York Fashion Week. 

Our show with AMCONYC was a massive validation for Wear Your Label. It was the first time the fashion world really took notice of us, and took a stand for mental health. It's any designer's dream to show in New York, and we were able to bring together some amazing Role Models, powerful partners, and inspiring mental health organizations to make our show one for the books. 

4. Partnering with RBC #ChangeAgents.

RBC recently started a new digital marketing campaign to showcase the stories of young people creating social change: Change Agents. Our co-founder, Kayley, was approached to share her personal mental health journey along with the story of Wear Your Label. Two weekends and two film crews later, the video is now airing nation-wide on networks like MTV and E!   

5. Being accepted to the Joe Fresh Centre for Innovation.

Even though we've been growing super quickly, we still have the whole world ahead of us, and a ton of learning to do. In October, we were chosen as 1 of 6 fashion start-ups to work out of the Joe Fresh Centre for Innovation in Toronto. We're so excited to take on 2016 with support from Ryerson, Joe Fresh, new mentors, friends, and a growing team. 

Joe Fresh Centre

So THANK YOU. We wouldn't be here without you. 


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  • WOW
    I stumbled across your site on a post shares on FB and I am totally inspired and impressed by your work and your courage. I work in Mental Health and Addiction in Nova Scotia, and am doing a ton of work in combating Stigma. Although this is a professional passion for me, it is also deeply personal as I too have struggled with anxiety and depression throughout my life, and have many loved ones who are currently coping. I would love to be able to partner with you all some how to promote your company and continue this important conversation. If you are ever looking for models in Nova Scotia to showcase your materials, Im your gal!!! BTW…Kaylee, some of my friend thought I was you from your picture!
    Keep up the GREAT work!!!!

    Ashlie Cormier on

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