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Meet the newest member of our team, Kelsey.

Posted by Kayley Reed on

Meet Kelsey. She just joined our team as a photo intern, and we're so excited to have her as part of the #WYLfamily. 

1. Tell us about yourself.

My name is Kelsey and I’m 20 years old. I have lived in Fredericton my whole life! I started off at UNB working towards my Bachelor of Applied Arts but currently I am a photography student at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, doing the second half of my degree as well as working towards a Diploma in Photography. I’ve been interested in photography since the beginning of high school and love that my passion for it has grown so strong.


2. What got you into photography? 

I think what really got me into photography was when I bought my first DSLR camera. I would spend hours outside taking photos of nature and my dog. But once I started to do photos of my friends and family my love for photography really took off and I knew that I wanted photography to be more than just a hobby.


3. What's your connection to mental health?

 My dad and my sister both have struggled with mental health so I have a pretty close connection. My dad has had mental health issues since I was little so, for me, I was taught to treat it just like a physical illness. Doctor appointments were normal so when people would make jokes about it I didn’t really understand why because his illness was normal to me, it was just a part of who he was . And he was dealing with it and I was so fully supportive of my dad. My sister was more recently diagnosed with anxiety disorder and because it was almost like a second nature to treat mental illness like a physical one, this was just like a broken arm. I signed her cast, tried to comfort her. And because I would see her on the hard days, those would be my hard days too. Because she is my best friend and we did everything together and I was used to seeing her smiling and laughing all the time. But just like a broken arm, she’s healing. She’s getting through it and I’m there for her every step of the way.


4. Why did you want to start working with WYL? 

 I wanted to start working with WYL because I think it is so, so important that the stigma ends. I think we need to have conversations about mental health and what WYL is doing is amazing. WYL IS amazing. I think that everyone dealing with mental health isn’t as fortunate to know it as a norm. So we need to create conversations and be there for the people struggling.


5. Do you have advice for someone who might be struggling with what you've experienced? 

 Be there for them and support them. Listen and don’t judge. They are still the person you love and it’s so easy to brush someone off when they come to you with a something you might not see as a big deal.


1. Where do you get your inspiration? 

 I get my inspiration from everything around me. More specifically I get most of inspiration from people I follow on instagram, or people I see walking downtown or out and about. Everyone is so fashionable!!  I’m also very inspired by photos of different places people live and travel to.


2. What's your favorite song RIGHT NOW?

 Oh my gosh that’s such a hard question because I have so many. But if I had to pick, I have to say Bey’s new song, Formation.


3. Favorite macaron flavour?

 Currently? Birthday cake or berry pomegranate!


4. Favorite piece from WYL?

 I love the gemstone bracelets. They are gorgeous and the perfect accessory. 


  • You are a lovely person Kelsey! Wishing you every success.

    Carol Rickard on

  • Amazing! Congrats!

    Jonathan Munn on

  • Kelsey thanks for sharing so very proud to know you xo Kim and Tim

    Kim Rickard on

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