10 Self-Care Activities to Get You Through Winter

1. Go to the Movies

During the warmer months it can seem like going to the movies doesn’t really make sense, because of the beautiful warm weather. But in the winter, it’s the perfect time! There are tons of great movies out and going to the movies still gets you out of the house and you still get to be extra cozy sitting in the warm theatre with popcorn in hand. It’s also a great way to get out of your head and just focus on the big screen.

2. Have a Night In

It’s okay to have a night in! For a lot of people winter can be go go go, so it’s great to take a night for you and just do whatever. There’s no shame in staying in, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to go out and do something. We need to take care of ourselves and sometimes having a night in is the best thing for ourselves.

3. Play Board Games

Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue, Settlers of Catan, and Cards Against Humanity are a few of our favourite board games here at WYL. Board games are always fun and there are so many to choose from. And the more the merrier! When winter can seem never-ending and the cold weather is getting you down, get some family or friends together and play some board games! They’re sure to lift your spirits and what’s better than spending time with the people you love!

4. Skating

I will be the first to admit, skating is not my forte. BUT I still love doing it! I don’t know if it’s the feeling of gliding along the ice, or because I have so many fond memories of going skating when I was little, but skating is a winter classic! It’s one of those things where winter just doesn’t feel the same without it. If you’re like me and can’t stay off your butt for longer than 5 minutes, there are so many other classic winter activities to try too, like skiing, snowboarding, and building a snowman. 

5. Go Sliding

If you’re feeling down because it’s winter then I have 2 words for you: GO SLIDING! This is without a doubt one of the most fun winter activities out there. And there is no age limit to taking a sled down a hill and laughing your butt off the whole time. It’s impossible not to have a good time when doing this, the bigger the hill the better. Use a toboggan, a saucer or a Krazy Karpet; go alone, race with your friends, or go one on together and see who can stay on the longest.

6. Dress For the Weather

Dressing warmly and putting a few extra layers on can really make a difference and make winter truly more enjoyable. Being outside is so good for us, and for a lot of us winter can be the worst time for going outside. Be proactive and bundle up! Blanket scarves are a lifesaver and warm mittens are major key. PLUS: if you know how to knit, make yourself some cute cozy winter accessories and maybe some for your friends and family!

7. Treat Yo'self to a Warm Drink

There’s nothing better than a warm drink on a chilly winter day. Whether you’re a creative feeling stuck, just looking to get out of the house, or if you’re catching up with a friend, grabbing a warm drink is the perfect winter activity. Non-coffee drinkers, don’t fret! There are tons of other warm drinks for you out there. Our fav warm drinks here at WYL are green tea, hot chocolate, caramel lattes, and even just plain black coffee.

8. Help Out a Neighbour

With winter comes snow, and for a lot of people, the hardest thing is getting out and shovelling their driveway or even cleaning off their car. Whether its old age, the busy-ness the mom or dad next for face or even a neighbor that’s taken a vacation, it goes a long way if you shovel their driveway or clean off their car, plus you’ll feel great for doing a good deed. And hey, there might even some homemade cookies in it for you!

9. Do Nothing

Yes, do absolutely nothing. This might sound boring, but taking a break from social media and doing nothing can be so good for you. Resting and recovering your energy is very much needed sometimes, especially in the winter months. Take a bath and contemplate, go to bed early, reflect on all of the good things that happened in your life this year. We don’t even consider actually sitting down and doing these things, yet they are so valuable for our self-care.

10. Go For a Walk

There is nothing more beautiful than walking in your own winter wonderland. Especially after a huge snowstorm! It’s one of those moments when you can really appreciate the beauty of nature. All of the trees and branches look so beautiful covered in snow and there’s nothing better than breathing in that fresh, crisp winter air. (But make sure you bundle up so you can really enjoy the walk and being outside in this underrated season) 


Written by Kelsey Schroeder  


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