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13 Puppy Accounts to Make Your Instagram Feed a Little Happier

Posted by Alexandra Van Rijn on

There's not much that is more stress-relieving than cuddling puppies.

I’m thankful that I have my own fur-baby that I get to cuddle whenever I want (or whenever he lets me). Although, I totally understand that this isn’t possible for everyone. Between school, extra curricular, work, and whatever else you have going on, sometimes trying to raise a dog just doesn’t work. Going to an animal shelter can be fun, but it can also be just as heartbreaking as not having your own. That’s why I’m glad therapy dogs are becoming more and more popular in universities during stressful times of the year. That way you can get your puppy fix in without having to get one of your own. Unfortunately there will be gaps between visiting shelters and puppy therapy days... days where there are no puppies.

For those days, there are puppy Instagram accounts! Here are 13 of my favourite puppy Instagram accounts to make your feed a little bit happier.  



1. @lizzie.bear 

When I was a kid, all I wanted was a golden retriever, so naturally this had to be on the list. Here are a couple of adorable golden retriever sisters, Lizzie and Ally, who enjoy being cute and snuggling with one another. 



2. @harlowandsage 

If puppy families are your thing, then these beauties are for you. Harlow, Indiana & Reese are a family of mismatched dogs who get along like 3 peas in a pod. A very large pod that is. They enjoy taking naps together and making funny faces. 



3. @ralphie_the_newf_and_the_boss 

If big fluffy puppies is your thing, then these boys are perfect for you. Newfoundlander brothers Ralphie & Boss are gentle fluffy giants. They enjoy snuggles and hanging out with their three human brothers. 



4. @yes.waffles 

This beautiful ball of floof is Waffles. A bona fide Samoyed. He enjoys leaning on various things and looking adorable while smiling. 



5. @daisy_rey_dachshund 

If you prefer the smaller breeds, this sassy puppy is named Daisy. She is a mini dachshund puppy and comes with all the adorableness and sass that her pint size entails. (punny) 



6. @kelly_bove 

Did you ever see that video of the two border collies that couldn’t stop hugging each other? Well if you haven’t, you’re in for a heaping dose of cute, and if you have, this is their Instagram! Meet Envy & Zain. Two rescue border collies that are the best of friends. 



7. @the_blueboys 

If you love the unlikely softies, these boys are for you! Meet Darren & Phillip. Staffy brothers who are just big softies. They enjoy dressing up in various outfits and lounging like humans. 



8. @lifeofopheliafilleau 

If pint size is your thing, then this girl is for you. Ophelia is a Biewer Yorkie with a personality and closet that is larger than life. She enjoys modelling her clothes and taking naps in various places. 



9. @thesupercollies 

If you are looking for some puppies that make studying seem like not such a daunting task, then check out these boys! Border Collies Hero, Marvel & Loki are exactly what their handle implies, super! Known for doing hundreds of tricks, these boys make puppy posing look easy! 



10. @wolfgang2242 

If you are looking variety, this family has got you covered. With 9 rescue senior dogs, Bikini the pig, Stuart the rabbit & Oprah the chicken, this unlikely family has beautiful acceptance written all over it. 



11. @eurosaurs 

I don’t think you can look at this little guy and not smile. Meet Euro the Jack Russell who enjoys smiling and holding various objects. 




Ever see the video of the dog that does trust falls? Well here is Watson with his siblings Kiko and Harry the Cat. Just general puppy adorableness in every aspect. 



13. @ripleyroonrescue 

Well this is my puppy niece Ripley, so of course I had to include her! Rescue girl who literally has the best bum wiggles when she is excited! 



Hopefully one of these accounts can tickle a smile out of you or scratch your belly ;)


Written by Campus Rep Jill Martin


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