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Community Champion: Dexter Nyuurnibe

Posted by Kayley Reed on

So! Where do I begin? Let’s start with names why don’t we? My name is Dexter. I’m a third culture kid who lives in Nova Scotia. Personality? Well, I’m that guy you see at the party that’s almost always going around chatting up (and dancing – ESPECIALLY dancing) up a storm. I like Star Wars, I LOVE pugs and love people even more, plus, I had and still have this very weird fascination with unicorns (don’t judge… okay, you’re judging). If you ever asked me what place I liked the most with regards to the countries that I’ve lived in (I’ve lived in eight from Canada to India and everywhere in between) I’d say all of them, because, they’re all unique and special in some way (JUST LIKE YOU!).

My name is Dexter, and I’m full of life and life is full of me. Oh yeah. And I suffer from a mental illness. So there’s that.

You see, my story isn’t all too pleasant. I come from a broken family, and I don’t even remember the day that my mother walked out the door and left my father and I (for what would turn out to be shocking reasons but that’s for another post..). I’ve never fit in anywhere, because I was either too poor, too black or not black enough. I’ve held dark secrets, and life hasn’t always handed me a gracious hand (I’ve been homeless before). But you see, right now at this very moment, none of that matters. What matters is that you, sitting or standing where you are, you’re reading this. What matters is that I’ve written this for you. Yes. YOU.

Quite simply, it is without a doubt that the human will to persevere through the darkest of times, to endure pain and suffering is something that marvels me. We have come so far as a society, and a testament to that is the fact that a mere decades ago, a man of my skin colour writing a post for others like yourself to read about a topic like this would have been slight if anything. All of this is given to a four letter word: H.O.P.E. Hope. It kept millions marching for equality. It’s kept me alive this long. I wish for you, my dear reader, to become more than a word thrown about without recognition of its true power. Become hope personified, and when you become weary of your state of affairs, when you don’t believe that what you’re fighting for is achievable, ask yourself this: if I don’t, who will?

We’ll be talking.

- Dexter, @DexterJohnN


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