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#SelFree: A selfie of my reality

Posted by Kayley Reed on

It’s almost one a.m. and I’m here writing this blog. Though I would much rather be sleeping, my mind is busy with thoughts about how there are so many opportunities available to me.

I’m lucky in that aspect and grateful for being able to see many different steps I could take in getting involved in my community. I like the fact that I’m so interested. However, I need to think about what’s going to help me achieve what I want and figuring that out is difficult. In fact, it sometimes causes me to lose sleep – something that many may feel is not the best response to this situation.

Thus, this isn’t something I tend to admit. Nonetheless, it’s a confession that’s posted on the internet, somewhere else besides this blog.

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health’s National Youth Advisory Committee has this fact in addition to my selfie. Together, these pieces of information form a part of the group’s newest #Selfree campaign that was launched October 6th. This aligns with it being the beginning of National Mental Illness Awareness Week.

By participating in – and actually helping to have created - this youth-led campaign, I’m hoping to help share the message that it’s okay to have stressors and battles. They don’t have to be secrets.

Why is a selfie being used? These self-taken photos are typically meant to represent a ‘perfect’ version of ourselves, the one we want the world to see. However, the truth is that no one’s perfect. Everyone’s got their own struggle, be it with mental health or something else.

We need to realize that we all have our battles, our ‘faults’, something that keeps us from being what some would call ‘ideal’. Nonetheless, we are all still beautiful people – and yes, that includes me and you!

Interested in participating? Head over to nyac-selfree.tumblr.com. Submit a selfie and tell us what YOUR selfie doesn’t show. Check out some of the other postings as well. Maybe you’ll see mine!

And that’s okay. I’m fine with it if you do. These are the facts:

  1. I’m not perfect.
  2. It’s now past one a.m. and I’m up because of all these thoughts.
  3. None of those things are shameful or embarrassing. Maybe they’re what people would call ‘imperfections’ but so what? Why hide it?

This is what’s happening with me at this moment in life. This is my reality – and that’s okay.

By Janice, @lamjylam


  • Hey KJ,

    It’s not a problem at all. Glad to hear you like it as well as the fact that you’re participating! :)

    Janice Lam on

  • I just submitted my own ‘selfree’. Thank you for sharing this amazing project!! <3

    KJ on

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