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"Taking Flight" / Community Champion post

Posted by Kayley Reed on

Demons of misery swirling within

Seeming like a typhoon of destruction waiting to begin

Pummeled to the ground by upsetting winds

Life is looking gloomy and dim

But I look forward with hope

because I hold on to the thought of joy like a rope

firmly and never letting go

Swimming through the depression

that feels as endless as the universe

never missing a stroke

Because I can sense the light at the end of this troubling ocean of woe

I will fall many times throughout my journey on this earth

But it's the only way that i learn to appreciate the good in my world

Hatred is darkness that will consume you whole

Love is the only weapon against such a powerful foe

Time to release my fears 

and not have my mind filled with worrisome thoughts

Time to sprout my wings

and soar to the stars

Poetry by Aladdin Sidahmed, Kitchener, ON
Photo by Allie Beckwith Photography


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