"Be a Man"


Be a man
Don't cry
You better stand up
With your head held high
Don't you dare try and say
That "Yeah, I'm having a hard time"
Just lie
And pretend that you are always fine

But that's not the truth
You were not born to be bulletproof
You are as equally given to the
Vicissitudes of fate
Such that mental illness can be what ails you
But society swears us all under an oath of silence
One that if broken because of undue pain
Leads to verbal violence as others call you weak
And spineless
Not knowing the endless battle you engage in
On a daily basis to not have your soul wasted
By the ravages of monsters such as
Anxiety and depression
Oh, how it feels frustrating

Holding all that grief inside
Until it metamorphosizes into rage
Because a man cannot say he is suffering psychologically
And still be considered tough as nails
But I disagree
I think we need more men to speak
To not be in fear of the jeers of others
Else their hardships would lay undiscovered
So help may never come
Leaving them feeling trapped under the covers
Of darkness, unable to see the light
That is just outside of their peripheral sight

So I say
Be a man
And take the charge
Be a man
And tell young boys
Young men
And your own brethren
That it's okay to cry
Be a man
Don't be afraid of voicing your concerns
Be a man
Because the world needs more men to take the stand
Be a man

- By Alaaddin Sidahmed, @arabiannnight


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