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5 Resolutions to Make this Spring

Posted by Kayley Reed on


Just kidding. That was 2 months ago. Wait, what?! If you're like us, the past two months have totally flown by and you don't even remember what it was you were wishing to improve this year. 

Good news. We're proclaiming spring the new Jan. 1 

Why? Because everyone deserves second chances. And spring is way more inspiring to make resolutions than the middle of winter! Here's our 5 resolutions to make this spring:

1. Soak up the sun.

The worst part about winter? It's. So. Dark. The lack of sunlight is actually linked to Seasonal Affective Disorder (aka the Winter Blues). And now that spring is finally rolling around, the sunlight is back and we can all be happy! (If only it worked that way....) But seriously, we're making it a goal to spend more time outside and soak up the sun. Cue Sheryl Crow. 

2. Indulge in self-love.

How many times a day do you tell yourself "I'm pretty friggin' amazing at typing fast" (or insert your nerdy pastime/awesome skill). Remember that commercial from your childhood, "nobody's good at everything, but everybody's good at something!". You are good at something (and likely many things). And you should love yourself for those reasons, or at least try - because that's what's important.


3. Be grateful, first thing in the morning.

A study actually found that people living with mental illness who were actively grateful were better off than those who were not (even when not receiving therapy). Sure, it can sound hokey to just have a positive attitude, but studies don't lie. Plus, if we all "wake up an optimist" it gives us another reason to listen to Kanye everyday (Four Five Seconds anyone?!).  

4. Treat yo'self. 

Let's say this once and for all: self-care isn't selfish. (Yes, that's a hint for a new shirt coming out). Seriously though, this is an amazing list of 80 self-care ideas that you should keep in your back pocket. Dare you to do one a day, every day of spring.


5. Create conversations.

We started Wear Your Label because we were tired of stigma, tired of not being able to talk about mental health (especially our own) and we wanted to start something that would help us create those conversations: clothing seemed like a good fit. Now it's your turn. It's really hard to be open, and share your story. But it's also really important. So reach out to that friend who may be struggling, plan that fundraiser that's been in the back of your head... and if our team can help you out in any way, give us a shout. Because we can't do this alone.




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