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Masks Uncovered

Posted by Kayley Reed on

Masks applied daily
To hide what dwells inside
We are many
But you would never realize
How that one confident guy you know
Deals with panic attacks on a daily basis
Or that girl at work is quiet
Because she spent the past night unable to sleep
Because insomnia decided to visit and keep her company
But society tells us not to tell
To keep our secret wrapped by a ribbon consisting of deception and lies
Else the punishment is to face despise
From those who fail to understand that the division of us vs them
Is not real at all
We are greater than the sum of our different parts
1 in 5 have mental illness, but we all have a heart
So forgo hatred and fear
And embrace acceptance
So we can put away our masks
And embrace our existence
Let that be our aim
I believe we are able
So that one day it won't be a fable
For all of us to wear our labels

- Aladdin Sidahmed


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