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Community Champions: Ashley Wiles

Posted by Kayley Reed on

WYL: Tell us a bit about yourself.

A: My name is Ashley Wiles, I'm from Vancouver, BC. I'm the founder of Sole Girls, SoleAwesome and I'm an athlete, speaker, coach and mental health advocate! 

WYL: What is Sole Girls?

A: Sole Girls a move-ment and community for girls ages 8-12 raising awareness for girls' mental health and fun physical activity. Our core program is a 9 week program that teaches girls about body image, nutrition, anxiety, values and being awesome. We also run camps, workshops, leadership training for young women ages 14-30, 5km events ( and Sole Mamas!

WYL: What was your inspiration for starting Sole Girls?

A: I am inspired and learning every single day by the people around me. I spent too much time dealing with anxiety and not understanding that what I was going through was ok. I felt uncomfortable and developed disordered thinking around eating, sleeping and other things too. When I saw Amanda Todd's video, I realized that something had to change, and that more people, especially girls needed mentors, community and fun physical activity in their lives.

Photo: Chris Thorn Photography

WYL: Have you ever had an "aha" moment regarding your mental health?

A: Amanda Todd spurred my "aha" moment and the talk about anxiety. I realized we all have mental health, regardless of whether you identify with the word illness or not. You have a mind= you have mental health and it still needs to be taken care of.

WYL: Any words of encouragement for those facing struggles?

A: You are not alone. No matter how much you isolate yourself and how much shame you feel - it's ok, you are human, and you have emotions... but for sure there is someone who feels similar or has been through something like it. Find 1 person you trust and you feel like you can share a piece of what you are going through with them. Because that might be the scariest piece, but when it happens, it feels like freedom.


Do you use physical activity to take care of your mental health? Share your inspirations with us @wearyourlabel & Ashley @sole_girls on twitter. 


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