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5 Reasons Why You Should Apply To Be a WYL Campus Rep

Posted by Alexandra Van Rijn on

Written by Campus Rep Maggie Kent 


1. The community of amazing, loving, supportive, bad-ass mental health warriors that you get to join.

I knew coming into this role that I would have the opportunity to meet and work with a lot of like-minded people. I’m coming out of it in total awe of the amazing things that they all do and the wonderful people that each of them are and how much I have learned from them. I was inspired by their social media accounts, their blog posts, and the way that everyone interacted with each other and helped one another over the course of this year, we will definitely stay in touch!

Photo: Campus Reps Hannah and Marie from UC Berkeley 



2. The perks

Not going to lie, the perks are great. Not only do you get a welcome package and your own discount on ethically made, super cool products, you also get to rock empowering and stigma crushing messaging at the same time. It’s a win-win!


Photo: Campus Rep Nancy Chen from the University of Boston 


3. You get a platform to speak out about a great cause and inspire others to do the same

WYL provides you with an amazing platform that you can use to speak about pretty much anything mental health/wellness related. You could write an article for the blog that involves you finding the cutest pictures of dogs online and compiling them into a list or you could write about your personal struggles with mental health and wellness in a more serious piece. Whatever you want to explore WYL is open to helping you explore that.

In addition to allowing you to have your writing published on their online platform, you can be sure that hundreds of people will see it. It feels amazing to know that someone may see your article or the article of one of your peers and feel inspired to crush the stigma or seek help or reach out to someone else in need.

Photo: Paul Barber and Mariana Paz-Solden, Queens U Campus Reps 



4. It is therapeutic

For me, writing is one of the main ways I work through my depression and deal with it day by day. Writing a monthly article for WYL and creating content for them has been incredibly therapeutic for me. I also try and read as many of the other blog posts as I can because hearing others’ stories and experiences and thoughts just reinforces the fact that you are NOT alone.

The other part of this experience that I found so therapeutic was the WYL campus ambassador Facebook group. What started out as a group to post reminders in about articles and meet each other quickly turned into a loving and supportive community from all across Canada. When someone had a specific question or problem or was just struggling they could post in the group and there would quickly be comments coming in showing love and support as well as providing advice and answers. This is amazing and it is probably what I loved most about this experience.

Photo: Campus Rep Meagan Anderson of Whitman College 



5. It is FUN

It is so much fun! Working with other people who are passionate about crushing the stigma surrounding mental health is an amazing, healthy environment to work in in the first place. Plus they are all inspiring, funny, creative, positive human beings and they made this experience SO fun!

Photo: Ally Geist - Dalhousie University Campus Rep 



Apply to be a  2017/2018 Campus Rep here! 


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