5 Tiny Safe Places to Run to When You're Feeling Overwhelmed

Everyone has a "safe place". A place they run to for comfort. A place they feel comfortable laughing in, crying in, and thinking those deep and scary thoughts in. That one place they feel like they can truly be themselves. A place that makes them feel safe. 

A safe place can be anywhere that eases your mind and allows your anxieties to subside. 

For me, I have a few places that make me feel safe when I’m having a hard day or I just need to be alone with my thoughts. 

1. The Shower
I feel safe to cry in the shower, which seems odd, but it’s one of the only places I’ve ever allowed myself to truly just cry out all my emotions. 

2. The Car
I feel safe in my car on long drives. There’s something so liberating to my mind when I can jump in my car, blast my favorite songs, drive around and not think about a single thing (except the road of course.) 

3. A Study Nook
Another safe place for me is my study nook. In my room, I have a closet area in the corner that has just enough room for a desk and a shelf with all my books on it. Here I do a lot of journaling, so it makes me feel safe to just sit at my desk and know my thoughts are safe between my journal and me. 

4. Your Bed
This may seem like a given, but probably my favorite safe place is my bed. Every night I look forward to crawling into my bed and reflecting on my day. Before I fall asleep, I feel comforted by my fluffy pillows and big blankets. Sometimes the best part of my day is snuggling up with my comforter and clearing my mind to pray and mediated on the craziness of the previous 24 hours. 

5. Places Close to Home
My final safe place isn’t anywhere near my home. It’s at a table in my favorite coffee shop, The Red Cup. I’ve been going to The Red Cup in Oklahoma City ever since I was in high school and there’s something about it that just feels so safe to me. It’s very homey, a little odd and very laid back. When I’m feeling anxious or have a lot on my mind, I like to grab a cup of coffee and debrief or read at the table in the corner of my favorite coffee shop. 

These are just a few of the places that make me feel safe. How they came about, I’m unsure. I do know, however, that without them I would be much worse off and I’m so thankful to have these little hiding places from the world. 

It’s easy to feel lost and anxious in the public places we frequent every day, that’s why it’s so important to our mental health to have those safe places. I urge you to discover your safe places. I urge you to find them and hold on to them. Cherish the little spots that allow you to be happy, free and comforted.

Written by Campus Rep, Lori Covey  


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