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5 Ways To Make Someone A Little Happier Today

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Written by Lori Covey 

Happy 'I Want You To Be Happy' Day everyone! This day is dedicated to putting a smile on others' faces and making someone else's day a little brighter. If you feel like partaking in today's festivities, here are a few simple ways to make someone a little happier today! 


Respect them. 

It’s important to give people respect and treat them as equals at all times. Not one human is more important than another, and it can really turn someone’s day around when they are treated with dignity and respect. 


Tell them how great they are. 

Too often we forget not everything is understood. We should be reminding our friends and family daily what we love about them and how awesome they are. It’s not enough sometimes to simply assume they know what they mean to us. People need affirmation sometimes and making their loveliness known can easily make someone's day!


Spend intentional time with them. 

Take a few hours just to sit and be present with the people that you care about. Listen to them, share with them and spend time with them. Brighten their day by making them feel important and cared for by simply giving them your undivided attention. Hang up and hang out. 


Leave little surprises. 

If you know someone’s having a bad day, surprise them with a coffee or maybe a cupcake. No money or time? Leave them a sweet note. Sprinkle the ones you love with little surprises here and there to bring a smile to their face.


Love them well. 

One thing that always makes people happy is when they know they are truly loved. Nothing feels better than know you are genuinely and wholeheartedly loved by the people in your life. Love everyone you meet well. You have no idea what they’ve been through or what they’re dealing with, you may be the only person showing love to them. 


Everyone has things that make them happy and knowing those specifically will differ based on relationships, but these five things can be easily applied to anyone you encounter. Putting a smile on someone’s face and making them happy not only makes their day, but it will fill you with joy as well.

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