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6 Ways to Take Care of Yourself This School Year

Posted by Alexandra Van Rijn on

Written by Christina Paul 


Happy September! With fall comes the changing of the leaves, warm sweaters, and pumpkin spice lattes, but fall also brings the demands of a new school year. Upcoming assignments, readings, studying and extracurriculars… It gets too easy to feel overwhelmed.

We’re here to remind you to take care of yourself during these transitions - whether you’re a returning student or taking your first steps on campus. It’s easy to lose track of our self-care routines once summer is over. Summer offers us sunshine and free time (hopefully) to allow us to take moments for ourselves.

Self-love doesn’t end when the school year begins. Here’s how to keep your cool on campus:


1. Get Enough Sleep

I cannot stress how important it is to maintain a proper sleep schedule. It’s so important to try and keep a consistent sleep schedule. Getting enough sleep has been proven time and time again to improve both mood and productivity - making your homework just a little bit easier.

Install “Sleep Time+” on your phone to set up bedtime reminders. This app can wake you up at the optimal time, track your sleep, and even has soundscapes to help you doze off. Best of all? It’s free for both Android and iOS users.

Note: If you have a fitbit, they also have this option within the fitbit app!


2. Remember to Eat

It’s so easy to forget to eat lunch when you’re running from class to class. Setting up reminders can help ensure you are putting good food into your body! Preparing breakfasts the night before is a great way to start your morning off right (especially after getting the optimal amount of sleep!). Swap your energy drinks and venti macchiatos for oatmeal and a smoothie.


3. Keep a Schedule

One of the best ways to prevent taking on too many tasks is to keep an agenda. Tracking your upcoming weeks allows you to schedule in time for yourself to paint, listen to music, go for a run, or watch your favourite tv-show. These things are no less important to your life as school work!


4. Utilize Your School’s Resources

Every school has resources for mental health - talk to your RA’s, the guidance office or profs to find out what your school can offer you. Whether it’s on-campus counselling or yoga in the courtyard, there are amenities for everyone to take advantage of.


5. Create a Safe Space

Whether you’re living the dorm room lifestyle or not, make sure to create a space that’s your own. One of our favourite ways to liven up our rooms is to print out photos of close friends and hang them up! Surrounding ourselves with reminders of those who love us and support us. Your safe space doesn’t have to be your room either. Whether it’s a library cubical or a cafe nearby, as long as it fills you up.


6. Say No

While this may be one of the hardest on this list, it is certainly one of the most important. Don’t be afraid to say no. This includes staying in when all your friends are going out if that’s what your body is telling you it wants. Taking on too many extracurriculars can take a toll at the beginning of the school year - if it’s not lifting you up, let it go.


There you have it! Six ways to take care of something even more important than your degree - yourself. How do you keep practice self-love during the school year? Comment on this post, we’d love to hear!


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  • Love point 6! I think it’s a game changer.

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