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61 Rules I Set For Myself That Make My Life Easier

Posted by Alexandra Van Rijn on

Written by Kenzie Keir

Kenzie's Rules to Life


1. The only thing more important than living your “best life” is letting other people live theirs

2. Know that most disappointments grow from unmet expectations

3. Put them on do not disturb and enjoy your life

4. There is a limit to the amount of caffeine a body can consume in 24 hours

5. Forgive others, but do it for yourself

6. Forget what hurt you, but never forget what it taught you

7. Wi-Fi is a want, not a need

8. Be good to people for no reason

9. Writing is a worthy pastime

10. Some people are worth a lot of work to keep around

11. Never use "we were on a break" as an excuse

12. Naps are good, encouraged really

13. Loose clothes are always cuter

14. Try not to be photographed with a drink in hand

15. Spend lots of time with your parents

16. Smile more

17. Compost

18. Recycle

19. Don’t look at things as mistakes, look at them as lessons

20. Always wear sunscreen

21. Laugh as often as possible

22. Be the reason someone else smiles today

23. Don't run on the stairs...

24. Drive with the windows down

25. Wear a helmet

26. Love yourself first

27. Read the news

28. Don't skip that class

29. You're never too old for Disney

30. Puddles are meant to be jumped in

31. Snowflakes are meant to be caught on your tongue

32. Go to the gym, but eat that piece of cake too

33. Remember everything in life is just for now

34. Tell your friends you love them

35. Question everything

36. Education is so important

37. Remember that carbs are not your worst enemy

38. Quality over quantity (in terms of friendship)

39. Fake it till you make it

40. Sleep is so important

41. Words are powerful weapons

42. You have a choice, but always choose to be kind

43. Not everyone is against you

44. What people say about you is none of your business

45. Don't drink and drive

46. You don’t know everything

47. Take advantage of every opportunity

48. Drink lots of water

49. Living in the past makes the present foggy

50. Yes, you can say 'no'

51. Studying works

52. 'Forgive' doesn't mean you have to forget

53. If you miss someone, tell them

54. If you love someone, tell them

55. Some people have expiration dates

56. Everyone is too busy judging themselves to worry about judging you

57. It is impossible to keep track of socks

58. Laughter/Smiling is the best medicine

59. Nothing good happens after 1am

60. Wash your makeup off your face before bed

61. If something goes wrong just yell, "plot twist" and continue on. It will all be O.K.


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