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A Letter to the Person With Low Self Esteem

Posted by Alexandra Van Rijn on

Written by Gena Crepault



Every time your self-critiquing eyes linger on your image in the mirror, my heart squeezes. Every time you say “I hate my [insert part of you]”, my heart breaks. Every time you say that you need to eat less, my insides crumple.

My sweet, I wish I could show you the beauty that we all see. I wish I could take all of your negative thoughts about yourself and toss them out. I wish you could understand that you radiate. You radiate beauty, kindness, optimism and humour, in a way that is so surreal because you are perfect. Just the way you are. The parts of you that you think are flaws are the parts that make you, you, and again, you are perfect.

If I could erase the things you read, the words you heard, or the images you saw to make you think of yourself this way, I would. I’m angry against all those things and people that have made you believe that you are any less than wonderful. It makes me livid.

You are one of the strongest people I know. And yet, you shrink when I least expect you to. Your colourful self suddenly turns transparent and it catches me off guard like nothing else. Because in my mind, it just doesn’t make sense. How someone so remarkable could crack like this.

We’re all conditioned to think we’re not good enough, I know. We are all chasing a supposedly ‘better’ version of ourselves that we’ve created by piecing together stereotypes, imposed expectations, and the things we see on social media and on TV. And at the same time, we’re reaching for self-awareness, but how do you do that while your head is meddled with thoughts of that toxic ‘better’ self you’re pursuing?

Take a step back, love. Take a breath. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth and in those same breaths, allow yourself to revel in the absolute wonder that is this world. You are here, living life as best as you can. Feed your body, because your body is bringing you through each of your days. Respect your body, because it holds within it one of the most beautiful hearts and one of the most intelligent minds.

Believe in yourself, love. Believe in your heart and your body and believe me when I say that you are perfect. No one will ever be able to tell you enough times for you to accept it; you need to believe it. It’s you, and just you. Breathe, and believe. 


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