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A Love Letter To Myself

Posted by Alexandra Van Rijn on

Written by Sophie Diemler

Self-love is a difficult concept.

As flawed human beings, we certainly have a tendency to be our own worst critic. We bully ourselves without even noticing, in the way that we think, we speak, and the way we care for ourselves. Popular media also tends to affect the way we think of ourselves. When we are bombarded with images of photoshopped “perfection,” it’s hard not to compare ourselves and our imperfections to that standard. 

About a year ago, I fully started to notice the way my thoughts about myself were harming me. I tended to have a negative view about a lot of things about myself. I compared my appearance to girls who I thought were prettier. I felt like I wasn’t good enough.

I was caught in a cycle of constantly criticizing everything that makes me, me. 

When I realized how awful my self-deprecating had become, I decided to be proactive in changing the way I thought about myself. As an exercise to actively think about and appreciate the good things about me, I decided to write a love letter to myself. It made me look and realize that there are lovely things about me that are worthy of being loved and appreciated. 

I challenge you to do the same. Take some time this week to sit down, and write a love letter to yourself, recounting all of the lovely, beautiful, quirky things that make you special and unique. Being mindful of appreciating yourself will begin to positively shape the thoughts surrounding your self-worth and image. There will still be times where you just don’t feel so great about you, but remember that we are all beautifully and wonderfully made and it’s important to recognize our worth. We all have flaws, but we are all perfectly imperfect and have value. 

So take a look at my own love letter to myself below, write one for yourself, and if you so choose, share your own love letter in the comments below. I’d love to hear all the awesome things about you. 


 Dear Sophie, 

What's up, pretty lady? Hey, so I just wanted to remind you of how wonderful you are. I know that sometimes it's easy for you to forget, so just remember this when you're having a hard day. 

You are absolutely stunning. Inside and out. I know you find it easy to pick out your flaws and compare yourself to other girls, but you are magnificent. Every freckle, every curl, perfectly placed. There will be days when you look in the mirror and you don't like what you see, but you are gorgeous even when you don't see it yourself. Your captivating beauty is ever present. 

I am forever amazed at your capacity to love others and love them well. Your sweet and gentle spirit is what draws others to you. Your laugh is infectious and your smile is contagious. What an entrancing spell you cast upon the world. You are so kind and accepting of others, and I want you to remember to be just as kind and accepting of yourself. 

If there is ever a person on this earth who decides not to love you in all the ways you deserve, they are the poorest of souls and I pity their lonely existence. Don't ever let someone else's inability to see your worth cloud your thoughts. You are so enough. You are so worthy of love, joy, and companionship. 

I am in love with the ways that you are so unapologetically you. You are so very you, and that is a quality of confidence. Don't ever be swayed by what you think others want you to be. You are enough just the way that you are and your way of being is beautiful just as it is. 

You. Are. Kick-Ass. You've been through so much in your lifetime and you've fought through it all. Yes, there were times when it felt like the world was falling apart and you were going to self-destruct, but you conquered those low points and now you are stronger than ever! Don't ever believe that you can't defeat those inner demons of yours. 

I am telling you of all these things because you deserve to know them. You deserve to know how great you are. Tie these thoughts around your soul and don't ever let them go. Remember them on the days when your heart is heavy and the world feels like it's working against you. You are amazing. You were born to do amazing things. You are so very lovely and precious, girl, remember it always. I promise to forever love you on good days and bad, because you are worth it.

With Love, 


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  • Thank you so much for writing this. Wow! Just wow! Your words were magnificently chosen and woven together. I really needed to read this and consider writing to myself too! Not sure if I can do it yet…but maybe someday. You have greatly encouraged and challenged me!
    Happy Valentine’s Day, dear Sophie! I love you

    Rhonda on

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