15 Things To Remember When You're Trying Something New (and Potentially Scary)

Written by Anna Hall 

Today is January 23rd, 2017. I've been counting down to this day for months, maybe even years. Today I move into my new apartment and I start work with Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. It was a process that began in early August, dragged through September, and pushed itself through the rest of 2016. Despite this being my dream job since my 15th birthday which I spent at Disney World, I have to admit that there has been a lot of stress and fear in these last few weeks. I had to pack my room into boxes and suitcases, go through my clothes, and figure out how to move into an unfurnished apartment with 3 other girls I had never met. 

This may sound like something you've done before for school or just for moving out on your own, and I did it too, but when I did, we only packed my clothes and we bought everything else when we got to Utah (a 4 hour flight from my home). This time it's different. The only things we're buying when we get there are groceries. A few days ago when we left, we packed the car so full I had boxes and suitcases all around me and no space to move. I was incredibly anxious, even though I knew my parents and I would make it work somehow. After a lot of creative usage of space and finding the car-top carrier, we made it work and drove 7 hours to Orlando. 


Looking back on what I've written I realize I'm attempting to justify my anxiety over the situation, even though I knew the outcome would be okay, and I quickly remember that I don’t need to do that. I stop thinking while I'm writing and I let my mind wander a bit about what I've had to remind myself of, and once I finished freewriting, I compiled my scattered thoughts into a list:


  1. We ALL get like this.

    Most of us are deathly afraid of change. We can all empathize and help you get through the tough moments. 


  1. Testing the water first isn't a bad thing.

    Drastic change is better approached when there is experience behind it. Maybe take a drive to the next state over and back before you make that cross-country drive.


  1. Prioritize!
    Of course, do this with all of your tasks, but when it comes to moving or going on a wild vacation or even going out with your friends, figure out what you need to do first to make yourself more comfortable, whether it be making lists, preparing your outfit, planning your itinerary, or anything else you think needs to be done. 


  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

    Text your best friend, call your mom, or tweet a cry for assistance (mine usually consist of "pls" and "in serious need" and "ill make u cookies"). No one is going to think any less of you for needing help, no matter the task. 


  1. No matter what, don't give up!!!

    People are cheering you on and want to see you succeed and even though it could be hard, push through! YOU CAN DO IT!!


  1. That being said, allow yourself to be content with failure (just in case)
    You're trying something new! We all make mistakes and if I've only learned one thing in my 18 years of life, it's that we all learn from mistakes so that we can do better the next time. 


  1. In times of failure, be ready and willing to start from the beginning of your task.

    It will help you see things you can do better throughout your journey to success!


  1. IMPORTANT: Don't let the fear of your task get in the way of your self-care!

    Always make sure you're hydrated and maintaining a healthy diet and (try to) have good sleeping patterns. It will up your energy and help you through each day with happiness and a sense of power!


  1. To quote one of my favorite artists, Lin-Manuel Miranda, "Are you afraid? Good. That means you're alive."
    Change is a part of life, and we face it with our best warrior faces. Another quote from Miranda, "Kick your fears in the cojones. When they double over RUNNNNNNN LET'S GO LET'S GO LET'S GO." 
    Cojones, meaning, well, "balls" is potentially the weakest part of your fears. Find it, and overcome it with your powerful foot of courage!


  1. Now that you're well on your way to success, remember to stay humble.

    Life could throw another curve ball at ya faster than you think and you want to make sure your head isn't in the clouds, leaving your gut open for that fast pitch.


  1. Remember those that helped you get here.
    They will want to hear about your success and will be so proud to see you go so far!


  1. Be proactive and continue to watch for potholes on your roads.
    Fill them before you get to them. Be aware of things happening around you--this will help you get settled in your changes without a whole bunch of problems!


  1. Have you recently made it through a big change or taken a leap?

    CONGRATULATIONS! Be proud of yourself for facing your fears! 
    Never be afraid to be proud of your progress, no matter what it is you're doing. 


  1. *Donna Meagle voice* Treat yo'self 2017!

    Reward yourself for your progress, especially if this was a harder trial. It's important to look for the light at the end of the tunnel, and that light could be a new apartment, a new city, a night out, or even a nice bubble bath with some good tunes and a snack.


  1. Last one - you ready? Look for more opportunities to try new things.

    You've done it once, you can do it again! Once you get going, you'll start to love it, and you'll have this whole array of memories to look back on. 


Love yourself, love others, and be as brave as you can.




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