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Being a Mental Health Killjoy

Posted by Adam Horan on

I recently heard about a book called Notes From a Feminist Killjoy: Essays on Everyday Life, which brings up the idea of standing up for what your believe in. This is a very touchy subject for many people because the idea of being a killjoy makes many uncomfortable and down right anxious, yet the need for individuals like this is more necessary than ever. 

What is a "killjoy'?

The idea of being a killjoy is that you are someone who calls out people when they feel uncomfortable, but in the end makes yourself feel better. For example; someone says "she was being psycho" and you speak to them about why that word is not appropriate and may make yourself or others uncomfortable. This can make you feel uncomfortable, but at the same time, standing up for what you believe in, is something everyone should do.

Why are they necessary?

The main reason that individuals like this are necessary is because a vast majority of the world's population do not notice the things they say can be super offensive and make someone uncomfortable. The idea of making sure someone understands where you are coming from and why a certain word makes you feel that way is something that you can do for yourself to ensure that your mental health is top notch. The value you put on your own mental health should be able to effect others in a positive way.

Not only will you feel better about the situation you are in, but also the other person will learn something new and may understand why their language does effect someone. That being said, 9 times out of 10, the person is doing it unintentionally and does not notice what they are doing, so my tip to you is don't "call them out", but instead work with them and help them understand why the words they used are offensive and not appropriate. 

Be the killjoy that everyone needs in their life, teach others about their language, and be the superhero for your own mental health!



Adam "The Shipping Wizard" Horan


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