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Dear You.

Posted by Adam Horan on

Dear You,

You are about to graduate (WOOT WOOT!), but I never thought you would be here. I mean I never fully doubted you, but I am surprised you made it here! You've shown me that you are a lot stronger mentally than I originally thought 4 years ago, and for that I commend you, but you've got years ahead of you so good luck!

You've shown me that laying in bed for days and losing interest in the joys of life happen and that they aren't pretty or cute like many think. You have shown that life will happen and you cannot control it, but you can work to make it better by asking for help. Which can be the hardest step in any recovery.

You've shown me that you are able to be an ally for others, all while reminding yourself that you are numero uno. You have struggled with others through their struggle, but the best is when you shared your happiness of success together. After all, you gotta cherish the highs and learn from the lows

You've shown me that after it all, you can still be a good person after you have been thrown for a loop of emotions over the past four years. You've had your moments of frustration and anger as well as your moments of joy and happiness, but in the end you have come out a more understanding person in all aspects of life.

You've started to accept your failures and understand your struggles. Yet you haven't become the bitter individual you see people turn into all around you. Your failures are merely stepping stones to success, while your struggles are just launch pads for strength and understanding.

You've grown into this amazing person and began to love yourself again, even though the world tells you other wise. You understand that having that extra bit of weight is fine and that you can still buy clothes you want and wear them how you want. You understand that body positivity is real movement and although you still doubt yourself, your own skin has never felt more life home.

You've learned that extra baggage is sometimes necessary when you are struggling, but it is okay to get rid of somethings that don't help. You have learned that you have the choice of your life and that if others decide for you, it isn't your life after all, but slowly begins to be their life. 

You may not know what is ahead of you, but in the end, something is going to happen whether you are prepared for it or not, so embrace it. After all, you have proven to yourself you can accomplish insurmoutable amounts of work, struggle, sadness, anger, happiness, and frustration. You can do it... just don't forget about yourself on the journey.


Adam "The Shipping Wizard" Horan 


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