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Posted by Alexandra Van Rijn on

Written by Josh Clapp 

In early 2016 I had my first (or at least to me it was) real and serious relationship.

Everything was new for me. That feeling of intimacy, romance, companionship, like you feel whole as a person. Unfortunately, this relationship was fleeting and so often as relationships do, it ended in heartbreak.

This heartbreak caused me to move forward in my life always being weary of who I would let in. Everyone seemed to be another thief breaking in to steal my happiness and leave me empty. I put up my walls and through extensive analysis and constant overthinking, I would slowly let people in. I would let them in but never entirely. I had this mentality for well over a year having guys prove to me time and time again that this notion was right and that my actions were justified.

However, I strongly believe in the idea that there are genuine people out there. There are people who appreciate and value you. There are people who want to make you feel whole, who care about you and want to make you happy. These people do exist. I realized the importance to let down my walls and embrace things. I started to embrace people, embrace my feelings, embrace myself and to just go with the flow. I realized that you need to allow things to organically happen. I look back in amazement seeing where I have ended up and with who I have ended up with. By embracing people, I have discovered a new side of myself. This is a side that I can be happier, more proud of, more open and more loving.

Similarly to what one of my favourite shows, One Tree Hill, says, "Love doesn't come knocking often. So when it does you have to let it in." I feel this saying to be true. You do not get to fall in love very often in your lifetime, so when it happens, you should embrace it. Everyone deserves happiness, everyone deserves love, everyone deserves to feel valued. If you can embrace those moments and people then it will help your life blossom.


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