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Friendship, Feelings and Expressing Yourself Through Music

Posted by Alexandra Van Rijn on

Written by Paul Barber and Mariana Paz-Solden 



This is Paul and Mariana coming to you from the inter-webs on Queen’s Campus. This is one of our last Wear Your Label blogs as Queen’s Campus Representatives (We are so sad about it, oh my gosh). So because of that, we decided to put together a special blog for you guys—together (ouu collab!) 


Paul and I adore music—like LOVE it. We geek out about musicals (Hamilton, anyone?), Disney music and throwback hits at our local bar on campus, The Underground. In general though, we just simply adore music that makes us feel all the feelings, but most importantly, we adore music that helps us navigate our feelings. 


We truly believe that music has the power to transform people in how they feel. It can be really hard to reach out to people when you are dealing with your own mental illness or mental health. We are SO aware of that, and have even experienced that ourselves. We all listen to music, right? So, we want to challenge you… 


If you are having a hard day, use music to communicate that feeling. Send your friends a song that describes something that you are feeling/an experience you are going through. It can be a wonderful way to reach out to people that instantly sparks conversation, and might help you with the scariness that is opening up to friends about something that you are going through. 


We chose the song “Lightweight” by Demi Lovato to sing/play. This song talks about a person not being good enough for the people they interact with. We really took this song to try and explain how our mental health/illness makes us feel on some days. Some days it makes us feel like we are falling apart, and there is nothing to do to stop it. However, we are true believers that your mental illness/health does not define you as a person. YOU define you as a person—and you have so many wonderful and unique qualities that make you great, loved and important. 


Using music as a way to cope with your feelings can be so wonderful. Make the music with friends (jam out, sing musicals, be goofy) or have a serious conversation as to why a song resonates with you.


Whatever the case—music can be a tool to help you in your mental health journey J so we challenge you to use it like we did. 


We hope you enjoy our silly ~video~ We had so much fun putting together, and talking about the feelings we feel surrounding this song. 


Till next time, 


All the WYL love, 


Mariana and Paul


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