How To Be On Your Own Team (when you realize you’re not)

Written by Jenna Robar 

Some people can pin it- they wake up one day and realize they aren’t their favourite person...

Others don’t know where they fell into the trap of not liking themselves. There is nothing more heartbreaking than recognizing that you don’t want to be your own friend. Your mind tries to trick you into thinking that you’re alone (you’re not) and that you’re not good enough (you are). The brain does a pretty good job at convincing you that you’re fine; it tells you that you’re ‘dramatic’, and rudely voices that what you’re feeling doesn’t really matter. 

If any of this sounds all too familiar, below are some ways to help liberate you from draining thoughts that say you’re not worth it: 
Analyze why these thoughts are occurring.
Dive deeper into your subconscious and dig around in there for possible reasons why you could be feeling the way you do

Don’t expect change overnight.
Wellness is an everyday challenge, and it’s not linear. 
Listen to people.
Besides you, friends and family know you best; they notice ups and downs, and could play a helpful role when supporting you on the path to self-love
Don’t be so critical.
Everyone has flaws. Comparing yourself to others is a slippery slope 
–be conscious of the energy you put into comparison

Express gratitude.
Give joy, get joy! 

Care for something.
A plant, an animal, a little cousin, a blog. Love it.
Stop apologizing for being yourself.
Say thank you instead: “sorry I’m late” -> “thanks for waiting for me”, “sorry I’m a mess” – “thanks for being a great support to me” 

Your appearance does not equal your worth.
Likes /=/ love


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