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How to Bring Back Summer Spirits During the Fall & Winter Blues

Posted by Alexandra Van Rijn on

 As the sun sets earlier, the leaves change color, and the temperature gets colder, it’s hard to maintain the positivity we feel radiating from the earth during the summertime. As winter approaches, many of us feel less motivated, and a bit dejetected. However, FEAR NOT! Here are some tricks and tips to help you feel the summer spirits on even the darkest winter days.


  1. Light a Summer Candle 
    Whether it’s "summer breeze" or "ocean spray" scent is one of the most powerful senses. Lighting just one candle can trigger a memory or a feeling, and nothing feels better than being transported back to a sunny day on the beach.

  2. Buy a Light Therapy Lamp
    Sometimes, it’s the lack of light outside that brings our spirits down and or causes us to suffer from seasonal depression. A light therapy lamp can totally help out with this! It simulates sunshine and will definitely brighten (pun not intended) your day!

  3. Make a Smoothie with Summer Fruits
    One of my favorite things to do on a hot summer day is make a smoothie with tons of fresh summer fruits. Luckily, there is a thing called frozen fruit, and so pouring some in a blender, adding pineapple juice (my personal fave), and blending it together is an instant transportation to sitting poolside with a drink in hand. (Drink umbrella’s fully suggested to enhance experience).

  4. Go on a Drive with your Summer Playlist
    Everyone has one! The playlist you make specifically for the windows down, never ending jam sessions with your best friends. Listening to this on a car ride is an instantaneous increase of happiness because each time a new song comes on, you’re guaranteed to smile thinking about the times you screamed the chorus at the top of your lungs.

  5. Make yourself a Jar of Sunshine
     Next time someone says something funny or something memorable occurs, write it down on a little slip of paper. Fold it up, and place it in a jar. Keep filling the jar with these memories, so when you slip into a moment of unhappiness, reach into the jar and unfold something sure to make you smile.


Now that these summer-y tips have got you feeling full of sunshine, here are 5 more things you can do this FALL to boost your spirits, even when the clouds have rolled in.


  1. Have a GNI (Girl’s/Guys Night In)
    Everyone loves going out on hot summer nights, dancing and laughing, but sometimes, the best medicine is a bowl of popcorn, a mug of hot chocolate, some friends, and a good movie. (
    Bridesmaids is my go-to if I want to laugh)

  2. Go Apple Picking
    Although not everyone lives near an orchard, if you live near somewhere that allows you to go apple or pumpkin picking, 10/10 would recommend. Put on your cutest fall outfit, grab some friends, and get ready to take tons of #sofall pictures. If there is no orchard near you, no worries! Gather your friends, gather some outfits, and have a photoshoot with some of your fave local fall specialties.  

  3. Treat Yo’Self
    Although there is no limit to how many treat yo’self days there are a year, October 13th is National Treat Yo’Self day, and what better time of year to do something to make you smile? Go shopping, have the second piece of cake, or simply curl up and watch a tv show, you deserve to treat yo’self!

  4. Make a Thankful for List
    With Canadian Thanksgiving in October, and United States Thanksgiving in November, fall is truly the season of thankfulness. Make a list of all the people and things you’re thankful for, and you’re sure to immediately feel the love. Pro-tip, tell these people how much they mean to you! Not only will it brighten their day, but it’ll brighten your day knowing what a smile you brought to someone else’s face.

  5. Take a Walk by Yourself
    There is nothing more stress relieving than taking a walk through a park by yourself. Headphones out, brain on, it gives you time to think, decision make, and simply exist. Whether your fall weather is brisk and chilly, or sunny and bright, schedule time for yourself to walk and relax! You’re sure to benefit from the thinking time.  

Take some time, celebrate yourself, do what makes you smile, and happy fall!

Written by Emerson College's Campus Rep: Julia Perry 

Edited by WYL Executive Assistant Addie Van Rijn 


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