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How I Made Friends With My Mirror

Posted by Alexandra Van Rijn on

"You can, in fact, become friends with your mirror."

Growing up, the mirror was my worst enemy. It didn't matter how cute my outfit was or how perfect my winged eyeliner was, all I saw was flaws on top of flaws. It's an unfortunate obstacle that many people struggle with on a daily basis, but I'm happy to say that it's not a reality I face anymore. If you find yourself struggling with this  - I promise that there is hope. You can, in fact, become friends with your mirror. Through a lot of hard work and an amazing support system, I started seeing my image differently and went from a Mia Thermopiles to a Little Miss Sunshine. 


The following are a few tips that I found particularly helpful on my personal self-esteem journey:

1. For every negative comment you say to yourself, you must say 2 positive comments.

When you don't have the best self-esteem, negative comments have a way of floating around in your head. Whenever you have a negative comment to give yourself make sure that you present yourself with two compliments in its place. Maybe you don't have Michelle Obama arms but you have the prettiest eyes and your hair looks just darling like that! 

2. Do the Superhero pose.

Sailor Moon does her own variation of the superhero pose, but studies have shown that standing in front of the mirror with you feet shoulder-length apart with your hands on your hips can make all the difference. It boosts confidence and can help you start your day off right! 

3. Ask yourself: Would my best friend say that to me?

Although there will always be things that you like and dislike about yourself, your best friend doesn't see the dislikes. The only thing that they see is one super beautiful human being! Maybe you're not as tanned as you would like to be, or maybe your thighs rub together, but they are just small parts that make up one entirely amazing person. Whether you see it or not your favourite and least favourite things about yourself are all in the same category to your bestie, listed under "Things that are parts of my favourite human being" 

4. Point out the beautiful qualities in others 

I really hate to admit it, but at my lowest points, whenever I saw a person who possessed qualities I admired,  I would immediately compare myself to them and make a mental note of the flaws I could find in them. Terrible, right? It wasn't healthy and certainly wasn't something that helped my self-esteem in the slightest. The thing is, comparing yourself to others is an unfortunate habit that can be difficult to kick. Simply saying "Good for them!" in your head is a step in the right direction. You can quickly turn negative energy into positive energy and it can become just one small step in the direction of appreciating your beautiful qualities too. 

5. Smile!

If you just rolled your eyes on this one- just humour me and try it. I insist. Even if it is a half-hearted smile, eventually I promise that it will be replaced with an enormous genuine smile when you see that beautiful person in your reflection. It seriously helps- and after all, no outfit is ever complete without a smile. 

6. Make note to compliment yourself on the amazing non-physical qualities you have.

Step one of my self confidence re-boot was accepting the fact that no matter what my exterior was, on the inside I was a pretty decent person. I help others whenever I can, I am smart and I am independent. Now you go - list three things that are not about your appearance that you like about yourself. If you can't make it to three, ask a loved one what they like best about you, I'm sure that their answers will resonate with you, you awesome, creative, genuine person, you!


Written by WYL Exec. Assistant Addie




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