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I’m Not Really Excited for Winter Break and That’s Okay

Posted by Alexandra Van Rijn on

It feels like all college students are supposed to be super excited to go home for Winter Break, especially those who live far away from home, like me, but that’s not the case here. I would really prefer to stay in school and keep to my regular schedule. Don’t get me wrong, I really can’t wait to see my family and my dog, but routine is very important to me. I’ve noticed that whenever I have time off from classes, I fall into temporary depressions; I can’t do anything productive and I barely get out of my bed.

My anxious mind needs routine and plans to stay on track.

I need to stay busy in order to keep control over my mental state because if there isn’t an obligation forcing me up in the morning, I just won’t get up. I always plan to do fun crafts and things that make me happy, but my to-do list never gets checked off completely. I’m hoping this break will go differently because I’m now on medications for my anxiety and depression that seem to be helping, I’ve been steadily seeing a therapist, and my family has a dog now. I’ve also become more aware of the way my anxiety affects me.

So I’ve put together a more realistic to-do list for this winter: 

  • Get lots of puppy snuggles from Bella 

  • Hang out with my brothers a lot

  • Eat lunch at my favorite local restaurants with Dad 

  • Rest, relax, watch a lot of Netflix 

  • Facetime my sorority sisters 

  • Bug Mom while she’s playing word games 

  • Walk Bella in the snow (and complain about how much I hate snow)
  • See some old friends that I’ve missed 

Being realistic with my mental health goals has helped me quite a bit in my path towards accepting and dealing with my mental illness. I like to make lists so that my anxiety doesn’t wander and lose track of what needs to be done. This year, Winter Break can’t get me down and I will 100% check of every item on my to-do list. Maybe even twice.

Written by Campus Rep Liliana Comito


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