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It Has Made You a Warrior

Posted by Alexandra Van Rijn on

Written by Laura D'Amico 


Somebody made you feel 

That your compassion was a weakness. 

That your sensitive soul 

Was delicate china 

Placed in a moving box without packaging. 

Somebody told you 

That you should have wrapped it up in brown paper 

That your beautiful patterns didn’t matter 

When you were at risk of breaking, 

Now I tell you this 

To stay gentle 

In a world that takes advantage of the soft 

takes exuberant strength. 

To reveal the extravagant patterns 

on the delicate china that is your soul 

in a world that wants to fracture you 

takes so much more courage than constructing walls. 

Your compassionate heart hasn’t made you weak 

It has made you a warrior.


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