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Keep It Consistent

Posted by Adam Horan on

Raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by your own sleeping schedule...

We all have been there. That downward spiral of not getting enough sleep during the week and then trying to catch on the weekend, which, let's be honest, truly never works. This can then causes your sleep debt to keep piling up and can interfere with your daily life, even when you may not feel tired.

My new years resolution this year is to keep my sleeping pattern consistent with a half an hour plus or minus. I decided to make this a priority because my sleeping schedule was so messed up and I was consistently waking up tired, even on days where I was getting 10 hours of sleep. This got me real fed up and I need a change, so follow me a long on what I changed and how it helped me!

I started off by making a set time I would get up everyday to make sure I was keeping it consistent as well as based upon when my classes were. This worked out well first semester because my classes were all around the same time, then this semester my classes changed. It ended up working out because I am able to do work in the morning now before class.

Going to bed has always been a problem for me because I lay down in bed, but I have my phone to go on for a ridiculous amount of time and watch the stupidest videos. I would then stay up for an extra hour or two or even three causing me to be tired in the morning. This was a hard change because like any other millennial I am attached to my phone (sad and pathetic, I know), but by putting it down at a set time I am able to read or even lay in my bed to recap my day and fall asleep faster.

*DISCLAIMER* Keep your schedule for weekends too because why try hard for 5 days and quit for 2... that just restarts the entire process.

This has been super beneficial for me because I no longer feel tired all day. Now, after I have finished class and work I still have energy to be able to do school work or hangout with friends. This concept has allowed me to also practice self-care in the simplest of ways everyday, by sleeping properly! It has helped my mental health because my brain can process more and allow me to not be groggy or tired, but alert and most of the time. Finally, I am starting to be able to sleep without an alarm and wake up at the same time which is amazing because I no longer hear this loud noise to wake up and on weekends I can get up early and go to the market!



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