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6 Ways To Show Yourself You Care This Valentines Day

Posted by Alexandra Van Rijn on

Written by Anna Hall 

 So, Valentine's Day is in 2 days -are you ready?

Are you one of those in a relationship and it's likely you'll receive flowers, chocolates, or maybe an extra kind word? Or are you spending the day thinking about the what-if's of the occasion? 

Maybe you're satisfied with your current relationship status, or maybe you aren't. Valentine's Day can be a difficult time for some, and even scrolling through social media in the protection of your bedroom away from all the hustle and bustle can give you the blues (#netflix #trulove). Whether you spend Valentine's Day in or out, or you love your significant other or your pyjamas  make sure that you save some of that love for the most important person: YOU.

 Do we sometimes take this day a little far with the showers of material things that show our love? Possibly, but if treat yo'self days aren't typically your thing, now is your chance to buy flowers and chocolates and teddy bears holding hearts and balloons and even hallmark cards with cheesy sayings on them and they can ALL BE FOR YOU! And the best part is, no one even needs to know!!! This is a day to say, as Michael Scott would put it, "Hey man, I love you…this many dollars-worth" and it could all be for you if you want! Use this day as an excuse to really treat yourself with as much STUFF as you want (one of my love languages is gifts…this is a dream come true).

However, I've learned a valuable lesson from my parents regarding Valentine's Day--showing special appreciation once a year is not enough to maintain a healthy relationship with another. If this is the fact with two people, it must be about the same with just one. Yes, totally allow yourself to use this day as an excuse to go all-out, but don't forget to show yourself love as much as you can. 


A Few Good And Easy Ways To Show Yourself That You Care:


  1. Take a bath.
    Baths are a great way to really relax, especially if there's bubbles and/or a movie or music. After a long day or a short day, they're really lovely.


  1. Brush your hair.
    Not in just a quick, frantic way, but really slowly, really feeling the textures and the way certain spots pull a little more than the others. If you can't, look in the mirror at your head or your hair. Appreciate it. That pretty thing holds your amazing brain inside it. 


  1. Sleep in!
    If you can't specifically do this on Valentine's Day, that's okay. Just find a day you can. It really is so wonderful to wake up when your body wants and to just think to yourself, "That was an amazing sleep. Go me. I'm so good at sleeping. Heck yeah."


  1. Put on some nice socks.
    They make your toesies warm and make the impact on the ground a little nicer to your feet. They also can be cute and fun to wear.


  1. Eat your favourite snack.
    This could be an apple, an Oreo (or 50), or even a sandwich or a whole meal! Take the time to prepare something you know you'll love. You'll appreciate it a little more when you eat it and it tastes AWESOME because you're probably really good at this stuff. 


  1. Tell yourself how amazing you are.
    Really look for things about yourself that you love. Maybe it's the color of your eyes, or your freckles or how you look really good in yellow. Take a second to really love who you are, because without you, the world would be a darker place.



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