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Love Your Body, Love Yourself

Posted by Alexandra Van Rijn on

Written by Liliana Comito

Approximately 90% of American women are unhappy with their bodies and 58% of collegiate women feel pressure to be a certain weight and look a certain way. Unfortunately, I sometimes fall into those percentages. But I’m working on it. I am doing everything I can to learn to love myself and every single so-called flaw I have. So this is me, starting the conversation and getting inspired. 

I recently had the opportunity to speak with the ladies behind the All Woman Project, a photography project showing the diverse beauty of women, at the Aerie SoHo Pop-Up. The models are young, old, black, white, thin, pregnant, plus size, and all so incredibly gorgeous. Clementine and Charli, the geniuses behind the initiative, spoke to my soul when they told their stories of learning to love their bodies. I think that surrounding myself with other people who love their bodies will help me to love mine too.

Surround yourself with positive people who promote self-love. Pay more attention to media that is changing the game and not retouching photos and using positive role models in TV, magazines, and advertisements! Follow those cute bopo instagram accounts! Put happy notes on your mirror!

I asked Peyton List (of Disney Channel shows Jessie and Bunk’d) what young women can be doing to spread body positivity and be confident in themselves and she gave me some great advice,

“oh my gosh, I would say just starting out on social media, talking to your friends; I feel like it all just starts by word of mouth and sort of talking to each other about the message. And I’m all about that; not photoshopping, not trying to be something… Your ‘flaws’ are what make you different, what make you beautiful—so sort of embracing that. We just start not trying to hide the things that are imperfections and start embracing them, talking about them more, and showing how beautiful [our differences] are.”

She’s not the only one out there spreading the positive body vibes. Not-standard-size-but-not-plus-size model Iskra Lawrence likes to think of herself as a role model for Aerie, not just a model (just like the lovely Role Models here at Wear Your Label!). People like Iskra remind me that I don’t have to be fashion industry skinny to have a great body. 

So what I’m doing is promising to love my body and I want anyone reading this to do the same. If you don’t want to listen to me, listen to the famous people I met who said to love yourself. 


Special thanks to The All Woman Project, Aerie, and Peyton List.

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  • Yes girl! We all need to learn how to love our complete selves, not just the parts we have confidence in, but the imperfections, imbalances and quirks that make us just as beautiful!

    It was so great meeting you and chatting at the party! :)

    Jennifer Ortakales on

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