Meet Dalhousie University's Campus Rep: Caitlin Grogan

Name: Caitlin Grogan

School: Dalhousie University

Year: 3rd

Major: Sociology and Anthropology 

Fav thing about your campus: How beautiful it is! 

Dream Job: Work for the UN’s international human rights sector!

What is your connection to mental illness? 

I have struggled with my mental health all my life. This struggle became particularly bad in high school, and it nearly stopped me from graduating. After years of self harm I eventually attempted suicide multiple times and spent 6 weeks in an inpatient facility for my mental illnesses and eating disorder.  After 8 years I now have a proper treatment plan and am getting the help I need. It took a very long time to figure myself out - so if you're struggling, be patient. Healing takes time. 

How do you deal with stress from school? 

I like to talk it out and write it out. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with things I need to do I like to write out a list of everything that has to be done. Usually, that list is a lot smaller on paper than it looks in my head. 

What does your campus do to help students' mental health? 

Dalhousie actually has a lot of mental health services! We have everything from professional counselling services, peer counselling, to emergency crisis services. We are quite lucky at Dal because there are a lot of services available - the only issue is knowing that they exist. 

Do you have any school year self care tips to share with other students? 

Take a step back. It can be so overwhelming being a student, sometimes you need to take a step back and breathe. Go for a walk, get in a hot shower or blast some tunes and think about something else. Get your mind off school work - you deserve a break once and a while. 

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Tracey Velting
Tracey Velting

October 15, 2016

I’ve known this young lady since she was a wee lass. She has become such an inspiration. My father suffered from mental illness, we need more people like Caitlin in the world.


October 14, 2016

Proud of you! Dal is lucky to get you :)


October 14, 2016

I love this beautiful strong giving caring young lady. God bless you and thank you for what you do for others.

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