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Meet East 15 Acting School- University of Essex's Campus Rep: Allie Ingalls

Posted by Alexandra Van Rijn on

Name: Allie Ingalls 

School: East 15 Acting School - University of Essex 

Year: Third

Major: Acting

Fav thing about your campus: The green spaces and pond enclosed by beautiful trees - it's amazing considering it's London!

Dream Job: Actor/Writer



What is your connection to mental illness? 

I have a personal struggle with anxiety that has been a part of my mental health story for as long as I can remember, but my family and friends have been affected too of course - 5/5 of us have mental health and get sick once in a while!

How do you deal with stress from school? 

Due to the intimate level in which we work together as actors and artists, for me it's important to get time alone and away from the performing arts world. It helps with inspiration, as well as dealing with stress. I go on walks/runs to the park, go into London to visit a new place I haven't seen, anything that takes me away from a rehearsal studio and into the world - alone, or with people. 

What does your school do to help students' mental health?

My school doesn't do much to be honest - but a few key faculty members are wonderful about encouraging students to take a break when we need it for our mental health. It's emotionally and mentally exhausting training as an actor, so I'm happy to be a positive voice through Wear Your Label on campus to remind people to self-care and be compassionate. 

Do you have any school year self care tips to share with other students? 

For fellow fine arts students - get outside the studio, your brain will thank you.

Set boundaries for yourself when it comes to social time. I make one social commitment each weekend separate from the work and it's really helped take pressure off of taking up my alone time (also known as recharging time). 

Put things in your body that make it smile from the inside out - especially in times of stress. Loads of water and green veggies are my go-to, and I've mastered homemade Salt and Vinegar Kale Chips 👌

SLEEP. Dear god sleep. In fact, I'm due for a quick nap...


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