Meet Our Brand Ambassadors: Diem Le!

Name: Diem Le

Instagram: @diemberly

City: Sacramento, CA

Fav thing about your city: The creative energy in my city is incredible!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself! I probably own more shoes than I have of friends, and I love every single one of them (both shoes and friends)!

What is your connection to mental illness?

I am a mental health ally as a self-love advocate. Although I am not diagnosed with a particular mental illness, I relate to the spectrum of social anxiety. As a fashion and beauty blogger with anxiety, I started my blog as a solitary hobby in which I took my own pictures and wrote blog posts in the middle of the night in the comfort of my own room. Little did I know, my blog evolved into something more collaborative, and I battle with my anxiety every time I am presented with an opportunity to work with others. I routinely tell myself that I owe it to myself to try new things that I have always wanted to do because I deserve it.

What does your everyday look like?

My days alternate from going to work as a medical receptionist to going to school as a pre-pharmacy student to posing awkwardly in front of the camera in public as a fashion and beauty blogger. However, I like to start each day with an avocado toast and end it with an episode of some Netflix original - I am currently obsessed with Girl Boss!


What advice would you give to your younger self?

Oh, young Diem, I am so so proud of you. I wish you loved yourself as much as I love you, but it is never too late to start! First of all, be kind to yourself - you are doing the best that you can, so don’t be so harsh on yourself. Instead of being your biggest critic, you should be your biggest fan! Secondly, treat yourself the way you want to be treated. You deserve it.

Who is a Role Model to you?

I cannot pick a single role model because I have been inspired by so many people. I believe a role model not only teaches what one should do, but also what one shouldn’t do. From high school friends who taught me to embrace change to bad dates who taught me never to settle, everyone is a role model to me in some way. Thus, I am a reflection of said role models.


How do you spend your Self-Care Sunday?

I like to take myself on self-love dates - let it be an indie pop/rock show or an art museum/gallery exhibit.


Photos by Elliott Eng 


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