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Meet Our Brand Ambassadors: Kenzie Brenna!

Posted by Alexandra Van Rijn on

Name: Kenzie Brenna

Instagram: @omgkenzieee

City: Toronto

Fav thing about your city: There is currently a lot of acting opportunities here!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself! I can say the ABC's backwards!

What is your connection to mental illness? 

I've combated anxiety, depression, eating disorders and a body image disorder called Body Dysmorphic Disorder for a long, long time. 


How have you overcome your struggles? 

By 1. Recognizing I can be Kenzie without an eating disorder, without anxiety, without BDD. That was SO hard for me to conceptualize before. I didn't understand that they didn't complete me or make up who I was. I can be interesting without them and I can be interested in things that have nothing to do with them. That was life changing.

2. By being incredibly open and honest to people about what I was going through. Even when I didn't want to.

What has been your greatest success so far? 

Creating a community that is allowed to discuss such things! Having a safe and comfortable space for all these humans to just be themselves. 


Who is a Role Model to you? 

A role model for me personally is someone who is living truly to themselves. Someone who knows what it is that lights a fire in their heart and listens to it.


How do you spend your Self-Care Sunday?

Movement, pizza, movies, cleaning my room, face masks, baths, green smoothies, ice cream and possibly a late brunch with mimosas!


  • Truly an inspirational human being. One of a kind and Genuine. I love that she’s doing her thing and in the balance helping others do their thing too!
    Always Love


  • UGHHHHHHHHHHHH. LOVE THIS GIRL SO MUCH. Such an amazing human!

    Mayette on

  • SO DANG PROUD OF THIS GIRL ?? amazed by you everyday Kenzie!!!

    Taryn on

  • Commenting on an article featuring me cause I cannnnnnn <33333

    Kenzie on

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