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Meet University of Minnesota's Campus Rep: Olivia Rezac!

Posted by Kelsey Schroeder on

Name: Olivia Rezac

School: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Year: Sophomore

Major: Journalism 

Fav thing about your campus: We're located along the Mississippi River and we have campuses in both Minneapolis and St. Paul. Best of both worlds :) 

Dream Job: Rescuing donkeys and owning my own Donkey Sanctuary!

What is your connection to mental illness?

I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety in the summer of 2015, although I had been suffering in silence for a little over a year prior to my diagnosis. Like many of the other reps, I have struggled with body image and self-harm since I was a tween! 


How do you deal with stress from school?

I make sure to always put my health first and take breaks when needed. After a long day, I like to light candles in my apartment and make a hot cup of tea. Lately, I've been really into journaling. Writing is an outlet for me that allows me to not only let everything out, but re-read what triggered certain feelings and come up with ideas as to what I can do in the future when those feelings arise. 

What does your campus do to help students' mental health?

1 in 3 students on the U of M campus suffer from a mental illness. Because of this, there are a wide variety of resources available for us students. Free individual and group therapy, PAWS (Petting Away Worry and Stress), and even free yoga!


Do you have any school year self care tips to share with other students?

TAKE YOUR MEDICATION! With the craziness of college life, taking my medication totally slips my mind at times. But when I do take it regularly, I'm a whole different person! Remember to always take time for YOU and your needs. Go for a walk, sing in the shower, do anything that makes you happy. 



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