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Mental Health and Music

Posted by Alexandra Van Rijn on


I don’t know about you —but music can really affect my mood.

It is my go-to when I am sad, and it is my go-to when I am happy. I think music plays a role in everyone’s life to a certain extent. It has the power to mimic feelings, it has the power to bring friends together, and it has the power to heal, but most importantly—it has the power to share experiences that help people understand that they are NEVER alone. Music has always been a coping mechanism for me—a way for me to express my feelings in a somewhat healthy way. 


I have always related music and mental health together, primarily because of the stories that can be shared through music. Anyone can relate to them, and find solace in their messages. Even club songs (haha), in one way or another, can affect us or represent something that we identify with in life. Wherever you are, there are songs to represent that—or at least songs that you can relate too. 


Often, I think music can be unsafe for those who have a mental illness as it can really affect one’s mood in negative ways. I, for example, love to listen to music based on my mood. Therefore, if I am really upset—I want to listen to sad music. This isn’t always the best choice for me, and I totally recognize that (and maybe you do too). 


So, I wanted to make a mental-health conscious playlist. One that gives you all the feels, because you have to feel them in order to move on and let go. This playlist is both full of sad, happy and in between songs. 


I think in order to feel better, it is important to incorporate some positive messages within the music that you are listening to. In a lot ways, music can be like a little therapy session—but if you aren’t getting enough advice/good vibes/support, then your mood is likely to get worse from what you are listening too. 


So just always remember that when it comes to music—balance is key. Totally listen to those sad songs—but don’t be afraid to rock out later with a happy one too. 


So here it is, the “All the Feels” ultimate playlist. I hope you enjoy it. 


1. Move Together- James Bay 

2. Who You Are-Jessie J 

3. Hey Lady- Stephen Day 

4. You Remind Me-Andy Shauf 

5. Blue Skies-Noah and the Whale 

6. Say You Won’t Let Go-James Arthur 

7. Centerfold- The J.Geils Band 

8. Hand Covers Bruise-Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross 

9. Homegrown-Zac Brown Band 

10. Bad Things- Machine Gun Kelly, Camila Cabello 

11. Cherry Wine-Hozier 

12. Don’t Forget-Brett Dennen 

13. Bungalow-Scott Helman 

14. Flowers in Your Hair-The Lumineers 

15. Turning out-AJR 

16. Big Yellow Taxi- Lennon and Maisy 

17. Sunday Candy- Chance the Rapper 

18. Fly me to the Moon-Frank Sinatra 

19. 1234-Feist 

20. Hallelujah-Pentatonix


Written by Campus Rep, Mariana Paz-Solden 
Edited by Executive Assistant Addie Van Rijn 


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