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My Journey to Positivity

Posted by Alexandra Van Rijn on

Written by Samantha McDaniel 

Good things don’t happen overnight- they take time. Keeping this in mind is what has helped me overcome the darkest times in my life.

Through my trials with anxiety and depression I started to realize how negative I had become. Anxiety made me worry about all the trivial things in the world and depression made me see the evil in everything. It was not until I took a step back and looked at myself that I realized just how negative I had become. I started to expect and accept the worst and I was not okay with that.

How did I change my perspective? Well, let me start off by explaining that it was not a fast process, in fact, I am still working towards a more positive attitude every single day. However, there are some specific steps I have taken to reach a happier disposition. Here are some steps I take to make each day a little more positive:



Physical activity works wonders on the brain. By doing a little exercise each day I have noticed a burst in positivity. My anxiety levels noticeably decrease when I work out. Furthermore, when I work out in the morning I have noticed that my day is usually much more productive and positive compared to when I can’t get that morning workout in.



Writing has always been my escape and lately I have really began to embrace it. I keep a folder in the “notes” app on my phone where I write poems when I am sad or having a relatively anxious day. Doing so has really helped me to put my feelings in perspective and get them out so that they are not pent up inside. I always feel so much better after writing a poem that expresses my feelings in a way I couldn’t do without the power of writing.


Repeat. Repeat. And Repeat Again:

When I wake up and I feel down, I strive to make myself believe that things will start to look up. To do so I say positive phrases out loud over and over again. “This will be a good day. This will be a good day. This will be a good day. This will be a good day…” I keep repeating the phrase over and over until I start to believe it. You’d be amazed how much this works. I literally talk my brain into positivity and usually the results are wonderful.



I am learning to accept that not every day is going to be perfect. I am not always going to be perfect. Life is not always going to be perfect. Learning to recognize and accept these facts about life has helped me become more positive in my everyday life. I am easier on myself and I try to give myself a break when I know I need it. This is something that’s been really hard for me to learn and it’s still an ongoing battle. However, acceptance has changed my life for the better and I don’t plan on looking back.


These four small steps have had an immense effect on my life. My outlook on life the past year has grown to be more positive than it has ever been. I am still learning and growing in my positivity journey, but it’s been a road well worth it. I know there’s still many steps to be taken and many wins and losses coming my way, but, I know that I will face them with a fresh mind and a more positive perspective as I continue on my journey to positivity.


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