On The Ability To Feel

Written by Lori Covey 

Why is it that people say they hate getting into, “The feels?” 

Why do we as humans discredit our emotions so often? The ability to feel is such a powerful thing and a true gift. 

I have recently been going through a roller coaster of emotions. One day I’m happy, the next day I’m sad; one day I want to rip the guy in front of me who is talking on his phone and holding up the line a new one, and the next I’m incredibly patient and gracious. 

These range of emotions and feelings were really bothering me, until I sat back and realized that having feelings is important. I mean think about it, there are humans out there that go through life like a blank sheet of paper and don’t twitch with annoyance or curl a smile at anything.  

There have been many times (usually after a break-up) when I’ve been completely devastated and told my best friend “I don’t even know why I still care,” or “It’s so stupid of me to feel this way” and her response to me was the most beautiful reminder to me that I’m entitled to my emotions. 

She says, “Lori, stop. Your feelings are validated simply because they are your feelings. Don’t ever apologize for your emotions because they are the essence of who we are.” 

She was so right.  Why do we apologize for the way we feel when emotions are the most natural and uncontrollable thing about us? We can’t turn them off, we can’t change them, and we can’t manipulate them. They are a part of us and we all feel differently. 

The ability to be happy, sad, mad, silly, anxious, annoyed or even carefree is a gift we are given every single day. We owe it to the people who, for some reason besides themselves, can’t feel anything at all. We owe it to them to embrace our “feels.” 

The ability to feel is taken for granted by so many. Stop people. Just stop. Stop apologizing, stop feeling bad for feeling a certain way, stop being frustrated and just start being thankful you feel at all. 

The ability to feel is a concept that is overlooked and underappreciated. This week, feel all the feels. Embrace your emotions and own them. Be you and know that your feels are valid simply because they’re your feelings. Some people don’t feel at all, and you owe it to them to love all your feels. 

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  • LALA

    Love you creative writing! I knew when you could barely write your name. Love your spunk.

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